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Litter Box for Average Cat

Cats can be such finicky creatures. If something is not to their liking, they are more than willing to turn their head, turn up their tail and start waltzing away.

That’s why the burden is always on us to be careful shoppers whether it comes to food or even litter boxes.

In this article, we will talk about the factors that can make a litter box suitable for your pet.

That is assuming that your pet does not have any special needs, uncommon habits, or medical conditions. For that, you can check out next week’s article.

Without further ado, let’s try to find the best litter box for your pet.

Litter Box Height

Height is important for not just containing the waste, but also helping your feline friend feel nice and cozy while he/she is in there. The size of the box can also play a role in how well or how poorly it transfers odors into the air.

According to Preventive Vet, walls around 5 to 7 inches high should be suitable for most cats.

You should find litter boxes in that size range pretty easily.

Cover or No Cover?

For the most part, a covered litter box is designed more for the owner than it is for the pet. It blocks off the view of your pet’s waste and also prevents the smell from flowing throughout your home.

It doesn’t really do much for your pet however.

Cat Hygiene Advice even notes that covered boxes can be disadvantageous to your pet as they trap odor and moisture inside of them, thus creating an unpleasant environment.

Prioritize looking for an uncovered litter box as much as possible.

Access Point

This one is pretty straightforward. The litter box you’re getting should have easily accessible entry points.

Make sure there’s either a gap in the wall or some kind of doorway present so that your pet doesn’t have to struggle when it comes to getting in and out.

Finding the perfect litter box for your pet can be a bit of a challenge, but as long as you keep the factors listed above in mind, you should end up making the right purchase.

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