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Kennel Boarding: Insiders Truth

Vacations can be exciting times for everyone except perhaps your pets. Planning what to do with them can be overwhelming so you might think about boarding in a kennel.

Kennels have hidden secrets which your furry friend can’t verbally tell you but physical signs are telling. Cowering when you pick them up, loss of appetite, new behaviors like barking or chewing, refusing to eat, and diarrhea indicate signs of stress.

The inside truth of kennel boarding is that sometimes Fido is not getting the care you were told they would receive. Kennels tours may be done during certain hours when employees know you will be there so they are on their best behavior and kennels are clean.

Crating Without Telling You

Most kennels will only show you the best kennel that Fido will supposedly be in. Because kennels fill up during the holidays, they may actually crate your dog and not tell you. Imagine your dog locked in a small crate and only let out for food and potty breaks while you are vacationing.

Airflow is the worst enemy of boarding kennels

Crowded dogs and bad airflow lead to kennel cough which can be spread rapidly throughout a kennel.  Kennels use chemicals that often are ineffective in preventing the spread of disease especially if employees are rushing to clean kennels. Turnout areas are often just a cement cage which wasn’t cleaned before Fido is rotated in, resulting in spread of disease.

No Outside Stimulus

Unfortunately, your dog might be in a crowded kennel with little to no outside stimulus which creates stress. You might pay for a walk or park playtime, but kennels are often busy so dogs don’t get out as promised even though you still pay for the service. In addition, dogs are often paired up with another dog from a different family to maximize income but not your dog’s well-being.

No “Outside Toys, Beds, Blankets, or Bones” Policy

They claim that dogs will miss you too much if they can smell you or the beds will be soiled. Most kennels that provide beds throw all the soiled beds in the same washer and bleach them. Many beds are torn by nervous dogs which means you dog’s legs may get tangled or chew/swallow the stuffing.

No Feeding Together Policy

If you have two or more dogs boarded together, some kennels have a no feeding together policy so one or both of your dogs will be chained outside their kennel along with other dogs also on the feed wall. Many dogs find this stressful and inhale their food or will not eat at all.

Alone Overnight

Always ask if there is someone on sight 24 hours. Normally, dogs are left from last check at 7 pm until the morning shift arrives at 6 am. If someone does live on sight, dogs are still left alone without observation until morning unless there is camera monitoring.

Stress is a huge problem in boarding kennels

Dogs can hear other dogs barking/crying. Feeding schedules are disrupted and sometimes their sleep.  When feeding schedules are not the same, digestion problems can occur. When the water is different, dehydration is also a possibility.

If you do not have a kennel you trust, choose a licensed, bonded and insured professional company.  Tailored Pet Services’ overnight sitters and in home boarder pet hosts keep your furry babies on the same schedule as you do and they are already familiar with them. In-home boarding will allow you to bring your dog’s own bedding/toys and pet hosts stay with your dogs 24/7. Watch videos on our services page to see what takes place during an overnight or boarding visit.

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