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Illness: Easy-to-Miss Symptoms In Cats

We obviously never want our pet cat to contract an illness of any kind, but if that does happen, it would be helpful if the symptoms were obvious. Cats may very well end up displaying very obvious symptoms (click to read last week’s blog), but that does not happen all the time.

In certain situations, the symptoms pointing to your cat being sick are very easy to overlook. To give yourself a better chance of spotting these stealthy symptoms, please continue reading below.

A Cat’s Mouth Could Be Hiding Secrets

Some cats are very affectionate and will meow right in your face the moment you get up. Other cats are a little more passive and will wait for you to stand before they start asking for food. If your cat is in the latter category, you may fail to notice something different with his/her mouth.

Unpleasant-smelling cat breath could very well be a sign that your cat has some kind of digestive disorder. Now, cat breath is typically not very fragrant, but you’ll be able to tell if it’s especially pungent.

Check out your cat’s teeth as well as brown marks could be pointing to weakened teeth.

A Shift in Sleeping Patterns

This one is very easy to miss because cats sleep a lot. However, they still stick to somewhat predictable sleeping patterns just like we do.

Your cat suddenly just sleeping through certain hours of the morning when he/she usually bugs you for attention at that time is not a good sign. It could be an indicator that he/she is in pain and would just rather sleep than deal with it.

Don’t assume that your cat is just extra tired. Excessive sleeping is not normal.

A General Change in Behavior

You are the only one who really knows the personality of your cat, so you may be the only person capable of spotting this symptom.

It’s a bit vague, but if you notice that your cat is behaving somewhat oddly, it may be a good idea to start paying closer attention.

A normally very noisy cat that just sits around being quiet all of a sudden is suspect. It’s also not a positive sign if your cat is hiding in some odd locations.

It’s easy to just shrug these things off, but acting on them as soon as possible could be the difference between your cat returning to full health or him/her having to suffer through an illness for longer than necessary.

Not all the symptoms of a cat illness are obvious. Some of them are subtle, ones you can overlook if you’re busy doing other things. Fortunately, Annex Cat Rescue created a list of some common cat illnesses/disorders.

Look closely enough though and your cat will let you know if something’s wrong. Hopefully, you are able to catch it soon enough and prevent it from becoming a bigger problem.

TAILored Cat Services will be able to help you see if anything’s wrong with your pet. Our professional cat sitters will keep a close eye on your pet at all times and they will inform you immediately if something warrants a longer look. You can learn more about how we can help by calling us at 425-923-7791 or browsing our website.



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