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Human Food Harmful to Cats

We all know that pets cannot eat everything we do. Some prime examples of human food that should never be given to cats: chocolates, grapes, and raisins.

However, the list of human foods that belong nowhere near a cat’s dish runs longer than that. Some of these foods are probably ones you never even suspected to be potentially harmful.

We’ll share some unfriendly human food in this article, starting with items your pet should never eat.

Off Limit Foods

Many of us like to indulge in 1-2 alcoholic drinks on special occasions; however, Fluffy should not. According to the ASPCA, consuming alcohol can cause your pet to start vomiting and experience trouble while breathing.  If your cat has consumed a lot of alcohol, he/she could even die.

Another example of human food that can be surprisingly harmful to cats is raw yeast dough. Most people don’t eat raw yeast dough; however, some may be left on counter when making bread or pizza.

As much as possible, keep watch over your yeast dough if you have a cat at home. If Fluffy eats some of it, the yeast could lead to her stomach bloat which can lead to death.

Limited Amounts

Onions and garlic serve as the building blocks for many dishes.

So, does that mean that you cannot give your cat a taste of many of your favorites? Not necessarily.

As long as you avoid giving your pet big pieces of onion and/or garlic, you can effectively eliminate the chances of the harmful substance in those ingredients affecting your cat, according to The Spruce Pets.

A bit of coconut meat or water is not bad for your feline friend, but you should avoid offering them consistently as a treat. Even though the worse that can happen from your cat eating coconut is he/she developing diarrhea, it’s still a wise move to limit its inclusion in your pet’s diet.

It’s hard to say no whenever your pet cat asks you for a bite of your food, but it’s for their own good sometimes. Since the foods listed above should not be given to cats, look for healthier treats specifically made for them instead to keep them satisfied.

Leaving a cat home alone for a long time can be risky because you never know what they might start eating. Prevent any mishaps from taking place by hiring a professional cat sitter. We at TAILored Cat Services can cover your cat sitting needs so please contact us at 425-923-7791 or email us through our website.



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