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Houseplants-Prevent Cats from Ruining Yours

Cats are naturally playful animals and houseplants look fun to play with.

If they see something dangling or fluttering in the wind nearby, chances are they will sniff it, paw at it, and possibly even take a bite out of it. Pretty soon, they could become fixated on whatever that something is.

That type of behavior is why it can be difficult to keep plants in a household with cats.

You don’t have to choose between your cats and your houseplants though. There are indeed things that can be done that will allow both of them to co-exist in your household.

We will detail those things in this article, so please read on.

Why You Need to Keep Cats Away from Your Houseplants

Before we talk about the things you can do to prevent your cats from messing around with your houseplants, it helps to understand why you need to take this matter very seriously.

Beyond just the possible mess cats can make by playing with your houseplants, their health could be put in danger as well. Certain houseplants are toxic to cats. They can cause your cats to get sick if consumed.

For reference, here are the plants that are toxic and non-toxic to cats, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Place Your Houseplants in Hard-to-Reach Areas

Now that we know why cats and houseplants should not mix, let’s start discussing ways to keep them separate. The first thing you can do is to strategically locate your houseplants.

You know where your cats like to hang out, so avoid placing plants near those areas. It’s also a good idea to keep them in higher areas where your cat can’t just leap up and get to them.

Try to set up planters on the walls too. Your cat will be unable to reach those plants if you place them high enough on the wall.

Line Your Potted Plants with Aluminum Foil or Small Rocks

One of the reasons why cats are drawn to potted plants is because of the soil. The soil resembles what’s in their litter box. It’s easy to understand why they are drawn to it.

It wouldn’t be an issue if your cat just sniffed the soil and walked away. The problem is that he/she will probably dig up that soil and scatter it all around your home.

To prevent that from happening, you can use small rocks or aluminum foil to cover the soil. Cats aren’t fond of either of those things and they will likely leave the soil in the pot alone if it’s being blocked by those aforementioned materials.

Use the Citrus Scent to Protect Your Plants

Perhaps your cat is very stubborn and not even rocks or aluminum foil can get him/her to stop toying around with your plants. In that case, it’s time to bust out the citrus.

According to The Nest, cats do not like the smell of citrus and you can use that to your advantage. Place some orange or lemon peel on top of the soil or even spray the plant itself with some citrus juice. This tip should prove particularly helpful if your cat likes to gnaw on your plants.

Cats and houseplants don’t always mix well, but there are things you can do to have both in your home with no issue. Be sure to follow the tips above if you want your cat to understand that the plants are not his/her toys.

TAILored Cat Servicesprofessional cat sitters will keep a close eye on your beloved felines and keep them away from any houseplants you may have. If you leave with no soil spilled around your home, you will return to it in the same condition. Please feel free to call us at 425-923-7791 to learn more about our services or peruse our cat sitting page.