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Furniture Scratching Prevention Tips

Cats don’t get enough credit for being great pets because they provide you with constant companionship. Also, they’re fun to cuddle with because of their luxurious fur, and play with when you want.

Unfortunately, there is one undeniable disadvantage to having cats around and that’s the fact that they aren’t exactly furniture-friendly.

Whether it’s a couch/bed/other furniture piece, chances are that Fluffy will sink her claws into it at some point. You don’t just have to live with your cat scratching everything in sight though.

By following the tips laid out below, you can effectively rein in your furry friend’s furniture scratching habits.

Learn the Reasons Why Your Cat Scratches Stuff

Before curtail your cat’s furniture scratching, the Humane Society recommends determining why he/she is partaking in that activity. According to  of the things you need to do in order to

Study what your cat scratches. Do they tend to scratch materials that feature a similar texture or will they stick their claws into anything they see?

You should also check when your cat likes to scratch. Some cats like to bear their claws when they’re stretching. If something happens to be in their way while their stretching, you can bet that it’s about to be scratched.

Make Furniture-Related Decisions Based on Your Cat’s Scratching Preferences

After learning what your cat likes to scratch and when he/she likes doing so, you are now better equipped to address the issue.

If your cat clearly prefers a specific type of surface for scratching, avoid getting more pieces of furniture made out of that material.

For cat owners with pets who like to scratch after stretching, keep furniture away from their favorite sleeping spots so that they won’t have anything to place their claws into right after they wake up.

Give Your Cat Something Different to Scratch

There’s nothing inherently wrong with cats scratching. As much as possible, we just don’t want them ruining our expensive pieces of furniture when they give in to that habit.

This is why it’s a good idea to invest in a scratching post. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) even recommends providing a variety of scratching posts to your cat.

Get scratching posts made out of different materials and arrange them in different ways throughout your home. See which ones your cat likes and get more of them.

Also, as long as a scratching post is still usable, keep it in your home. Your cat will be drawn more to a used scratching post as opposed to a new one.

To further incentivize your cat to use the scratching post, you can place toys and catnip on them. Remember to praise your cat as well when he/she uses the post.

Getting your cat to stop scratching completely is impossible. However, you can do things that will encourage your pet to steer clear of your furniture when the urge to scratch takes over. Take note of the tips above if you want your furniture to remain scratch-free even if you have cats hanging around.

TAILored Cat Services’ professional cat sitters will closely monitor your feline companions to ensure that the proper scratching habits are enforced. We will also encourage them to use their scratching posts as often as possible. To learn more about the other ways we can help your cats, please call us at 425-923-7791 or visit our cat services page for more information.