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Flea-control products – Pyrethrin

The old cliché is that cats and dogs will never get along; however, that is far from the case. The secret is creating a loving environment so cats and dogs have no problem getting along with one another. On the other hand, a serious problem can arise in a cat/dog home, especially if the latter has fleas. That serious problem is related to a specific substance known as pyrethrin which can be found in flea-control products.

What Is Pyrethrin?

According to the National Pesticide Information Center, pyrethrin is actually a mixture of six chemicals. Those six chemicals just so happen to be toxic to insects such as ants, mosquitoes, and fleas among others. You can also find those pyrethrins in chrysanthemum flowers.

Because of how effective they are against insects, they are often used in flea-control products that help get rid of fleas on dogs. That’s not the issue here.

The problem is that pyrethrins can have adverse effects on cats. If you use products containing pyrethrin on Fido, it could transfer to Fluffy and be absorbed by her body.

Preventive Vet notes that cats lack the liver enzyme necessary to properly process pyrethrin and that can cause some serious complications.

What Happens When Your Cat Absorbs Pyrethrin Through Flea-control Products

Products containing pyrethrin are not always dangerous to cats, especially if you use them as directed. However, if you used one of those flea-control products made for dogs on your cat, you need to watch out for the symptoms of pyrethrin toxicity.

The symptoms include drooling, becoming uncoordinated, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. In serious cases of pyrethrin toxicity, the cat may even die, according to The Nest.

As much as possible, you should try to avoid using flea-control products containing pyrethrin around your cats. If your cat has fleas and you want to get rid of those insects, there are other ways which we will discuss in next week’s blog.

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