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Fast Eating-How to Slow It Down

While the sight of a dog just going to town on his/her favorite meal can be adorable, it’s also not ideal so its important to stop fast eating.

You don’t want your dog gulping down food in seconds because some real problems mentioned in last week’s article can emerge from that. Allowing that behavior could cost both you and your dog.

We obviously don’t want anything like that to happen. Teaching your pooch how to eat in a more controlled manner will be mentioned below.

Make Use of Some Interactive Feeders

Like most pet owners, you probably put your dog’s food in a large bowl, place it down on the floor, and allow him/her to get to work.

There’s nothing wrong with that if your dog has no trouble controlling managing his/her eating speed, but it can be an issue otherwise. In that case, why not make things just a bit more interesting.

Preventive Vet recommends using interactive feeders instead of the more conventional dog bowls for mealtime to counteract fast eating. By using an interactive feeder, your dog is getting his/her food while also receiving a little mental workout.

Spread Out Your Dog’s Meals

Another suggestion put forth to solve the issue of a dog eating too quickly is to spread the meals out over a longer period of time. So, instead of 3 normal-sized meals per day, maybe you can go to 5 or 6 smaller meals.

The idea here, according to Healthy Pets, is to always keep food in your dog’s stomach. That way, he/she will not feel the urge to overeat or simply eat too quickly.

Use Your Hands to Feed Your Dog

Last up, you can always try to discourage speedy eating by literally taking the matter into your own hands. Hand-feeding your dog will allow you to control how much they eat in one bite.

You can also stop for a bit if you feel he/she is going through mealtime in a hurry.

Holding on to your dog’s meals may not be all that fun, but it may be necessary in some cases.

Don’t let eating too quickly be a life-long issue for your dog. By heeding the tips above, you should be able to better control his/her mealtime.

We at TAILored Pet Services will work with you as you try to integrate new feeding tools or techniques into your dog’s routine. Find out more about the other ways we can help by perusing our website or calling us at 425-923-7791.