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Falls-Protect Your Beloved Cat

Cats can get into accidents too.

In last week’s article, we talked about the different reasons why cats may fall from high places accidentally. The reasons are quite varied, but the thing we really need to focus on here is the fact that we can easily protect our cats from accidental falls.

You don’t need to do anything special. Some practical home changes and exercising a bit of added caution on your part can ensure that your pet cat will not fall victim to an unfortunate accident.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the things you can do protect your cat from potential falls.

Secure Your Windows To Prevent Falls

The best way to ensure that your cat will not suddenly fall out of your window is to secure the window itself. Windows are among the favorite hangout spots for cats and they also have a tendency to take naps there especially when the weather’s on the warmer side.

To make sure that they don’t accidentally fall out of one your windows, WebMD recommends installing sturdy screens. You can also make use of adjustable screens as long as they are secured tightly into the frames.

Improve the Cooling in Your Home

Among the reasons why cats like to sleep near open windows is because the wind helps them cool off. Cats struggle with high temperatures just like we do and you can’t blame them for seeking cool air wherever it comes from.

In order to discourage your cat from always sleeping near windows, you can make the inside of your home a cooler place. Feel free to turn the air conditioner on during those particularly warm days.

With the air conditioner turned on, there’s no need to open up the windows just to cool things down. That also means your cat won’t be putting himself/herself in a precarious position.

Remember That Cats Don’t Understand the Dangers of High Places

If you fell from a high window because you lost your balance, chances are that you won’t be hanging around that spot very often in the future.

Cats don’t always pick up on that though, according to the Mother Nature Network. Even if they’ve previously fallen from a high window, they may still give in to their instincts or follow distractions, causing them to drop from that spot again.

Keep a close eye on your cat to make sure that he/she does not fall victim to the same dangerous spot once more.

You can’t stop cats from climbing up high places, but you can do certain things that will prevent them from falling accidentally. Take heed of the tips above if you want to properly protect your pet cat from any kind of accidental fall.

We at TAILored Cat Services will watch over your pet diligently to make sure he/she does not get involved in any accident. Enjoy your time away because your cats will always be safe with us. Call us at 425-923-7791 or browse our website to learn more about how we can help you and your cats.



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