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Falling from High Places-Why Cats Are Prone

Cats are famous for being agile and possessing this uncanny ability to avoid harm. They are among the most graceful animals to walk the Earth, but even they can still be involved in falling accidents.

Though this may come as a bit of a surprise, cats are actually prone to falls from high places. Accidents like that are common enough that the phenomenon of cats dropping from a very high perch is now known as high-rise syndrome.

What’s truly concerning is that these accidents can be incredibly harmful to cats. They can cause broken bones, internal injuries, and even death in some cases.

As a cat owner, you must do all you can to ensure your pet doesn’t fall victim to high-rise syndrome. We’ll talk about the things you can do to protect your cat better in a next week’s article.

First, let’s discuss why cats tend to fall from high places.

A Fondness for High Places

According to Pet Assure, cats climb up high places for two reasons.

The first reason is because they feel safe up there. From their elevated perch, they can keep watch over their surroundings. They can feel more secure.

The other reason why cats love high places is because it’s fun for them. They get to stretch out their bodies and use their claws while climbing. Climbing is a full body exercise for felines.

It’s hard to discourage cats from climbing when it means so much to them.

Lack of Complete Control May Lead To Falling

Cats are so adept at contorting their bodies in so many ways, that we assume that they have full control over what’s going on at all times. That’s not the case though.

Just like us, cats that have fallen into a deep slumber can experience the REM stage, according to PetFinder. When they do, they tend to lose control of their muscles. All those involuntary moments can cause them to fall especially if they’re sleeping on a narrow window ledge.

Distractions around Them

Have you ever noticed your cat just looking up at the sky and letting out those short meows? That’s probably because he/she saw a bird outside the window.

Cats have this tendency to get fixated on the things around them. Sometimes, they get so distracted that they forget where they are and end up falling.

A cat chasing a bird may not realize right away that he/she can’t fly. That can lead to an accident.

Even though they are regarded as incredibly agile and well-balanced animals, cats are not immune from falling accidents. Several factors can cause them to fall from elevated locations and it’s up to you to prevent those accidents by understanding why they happen in the first place.

Are you concerned about your cat’s safety? Count on us at TAILored Cat Services to keep them protected from any possible accidents. Please feel free to contact us by calling 425-923-7791 or browsing our website.



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