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Excessive Barking: Managing Effectively

Does “excessive barking” describe your dog? Fido does this because he just spotted something unusual. When that happens, dogs usually want to let everyone know about it.

In last week’s article, we identified that aforementioned activity is referred to as alert barking. As the name suggests, it’s something the dog does to alert you and whoever may be within close proximity of your current location.

We’ve already established that alert barking can be a real problem if it goes unchecked. So, how should we address it?

Listed below are some helpful suggestions.

Eliminate the Triggers of Excessive Barking

According to The Spruce Pets, the “best way” to stop extreme barking is to remove the reason why your dog is being so loud in the first place. In the case of alert barking, that means eliminating the sights and sounds that are startling your dog.

To pull that off, Preventive Vet suggests adding some more elements to your home décor such as blinds, curtains, or even privacy film.

Unfortunately, the method is not foolproof because sounds will still be able to get through, but that’s fine. More often than not, unusual sights are going to be the triggers for alert barking anyway.

Encourage Your Dog to Expend His/Her Energy on Other Activities

Dogs are usually bundles of boundless energy, which is why they can continue barking for long periods of time. If you want to effectively curtail their excessive barking, special dog training is not necessary. Simply getting them to use up their energy on other activities can be helpful enough.

Take your dog out for walks regularly and spend time playing with them too. Once they get tired from those other activities, they won’t be able to put as much into their barking.

Check Why Your Dog Is Barking

Lastly, you can stop your dog’s alert barking by checking out what’s going on yourself.

Look out the window or the door, whichever direction your dog is barking in, and see if there is indeed a reason for the commotion.

If there is something or someone there, you can address it right away. If it turns out that the barking is unwarranted, you can turn to your dog and let him/her know that there is no reason to continue making noise. Acknowledgement from someone they trust should show them that they don’t have to be alarmed.

Alert barking can be annoying and headache-inducing, but it’s also solvable. Try out the methods mentioned above if you want to control your faithful dog’s alert barking tendencies.

TAILored Pet Services’ professional dog walkers will be able to help stop pet’s alert barking. Call on us if you want your dogs to use up their energy on walks and playing as opposed to making a ruckus in your home. Inquire about our other services by browsing our website or calling us at 425-923-7791.