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Dog Training Without Relying on Treats

There’s nothing more rewarding than successfully forming that strong bond with your canine companion. To accomplish that goal, many of us enlist the aid of treats.

However, we don’t always have to turn to treats to get our pups to listen to us.

That’s right! You can instill obedience in your dog by employing some easy-to-follow training methods instead of treats.

Listed below are the dog training tips and tricks you can use to get your pet to follow your commands.

1. Establish Yourself as the Clear Leader

Dogs, especially the younger ones, tend to look around in search of someone to lead the way. You know how wild dogs tend to travel in packs and follow the movements of one particular canine? It’s up to you to step up and be that alpha dog.

Of course, having your pet dog view you as the undisputed leader of your household is easier said than done. Achieving that becomes even tougher if you’re resolving not to just pull out the bag of treats on a regular basis.

Don’t worry though. We will provide you with the dog training tips that will allow you to establish alpha status effectively without stressing out or spoiling your pet.

It begins with using the correct tone of voice.

2. Be Assertive When Issuing Commands

A common mistake pet owners make is assuming that dogs and people behave and react in the same ways. It’s an easy mistake to make.

After all, we all treat our pets like our own kids, so it’s only natural for us to also see them that way.

For training purposes though, you have to switch things up a bit.

Instead of using your normal tone of voice, you will benefit from being more assertive. It is important to point out that being assertive does not mean yelling.

Being assertive in this scenario means being calm yet stern. Make it clear to your dog that you are in charge and you want him/her to perform a specific task.

You’ll get surprisingly results positive results this way.

3. Make Good Use of the Leash

It’s not just your voice that can be used for training your pet dog. The leash is capable of working wonders as well.

Use the leash to lead your dog and also keep him/her guessing by changing direction or your pace of walking. Be firm with the leash as well so that your dog can understand that pulling is not right.

You can lead the way for your dog with the aid of a leash. Take full advantage of that opportunity.

4. Swap Out Treats for Praise, Physical Contact, and Playtime

We can’t forget to give our furry friends something in exchange for being obedient.

In lieu of treats, you can offer your pet dog some praise, physical contact, or some playtime.

When praising your dog, it’s best to really put some feeling into it. You don’t have to scream about how much you love your dog, but raising the pitch of your voice and then excitedly telling him/her how well they did is a great way to get a tail wagging.

You can also offer some pets or scratches as a reward for your dog doing a great job. Those will be greatly appreciated.

Once the training session is done, don’t forget to play with your dog as well. If you’re at a dog park, allow your pet to play with their fellow canines as well. Show them that following commands can be fun!

Teaching your dog the essential commands can be done even without the help of treats. Try out the tips listed above and tell us how your experience goes in the comments below.

TAILored Pet Services’ professional dog walkers are not certified dog trainers, but you can most certainly count on them when it comes time to teach your dogs. When you decide to work with us, we will prioritize the commands you want taught to your dogs. We will be consistent with our approach to give the training the best chance to succeed. Please call us at 425-923-7791 or visit our dog walking page to learn more about our services.