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Eating – Why Cats Lose Their Appetite

Few sights are as worrying to a pet parent as their furry companion suddenly showing no interest in eating. Pets are supposed to love food, with some even going so far as to steal what you have on your plate.

When you see that your pet cat is not showing any level of interest at all in his/her food, it’s easy to panic and let your imagination run wild. You may even think that the worst case scenario has taken place.

Before you panic though, know that cats can lose their appetite for any number of reasons. Let’s run through some of them below.


Cats, in many ways, they’re just like us. Unfortunately, that extends to them losing their desire to eat when they are feeling under the weather.

There’s more than just one illness that can cause your cat to walk away from food bowl without eating. The Spruce Pets notes that problems with their digestive and respiratory systems can lead to a change in eating habits.

If your pet has also been looking sluggish lately, there’s a good chance that the loss of appetite can be explained by an illness.

Dental Problems

Dental problems may also plague your feline friends and if you give them kibble, a toothache could explain why they have suddenly shied away from eating.

Per this article posted on the Tufts University website, telltale signs of a cat suffering from dental problems include food falling out of the mouth and chewing while the head is turned to one side.

Food Issues

Your cat not wanting to eat can also be caused by problems with the food you’ve provided.

Cats may not be open to trying new food and sometimes they may also get tired of their usual chow. You may have also failed to notice that the food you’re giving has expired. The cat can pick up on that too.

Don’t assume that something is seriously wrong just because your cat has stopped eating. Sure, it could be a side effect of an illness, but it could very well be still something you can resolve quickly by trying a few things that we’ll share in next week’s article.

Are you worried that your pet cat is not eating enough? Contact us at TAILored Cat Services and we will keep close tabs on your pet’s food intake. You can reach us over the phone at 425-923-7791 or by browsing our website.



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