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Dog Park Dangers to Puppies

Most puppies absolutely adore playtime so visiting an off-leash dog park sounds perfect. They will be kept going for hours if you allow them to.

Part of the reason why so many people love puppies is because they have a seemingly boundless well of energy to draw from when it comes to playtime.

Taking the time to play with the puppy yourself is a good move, but admittedly, it’s not the same as them having an actual playmate who also has four legs. That’s why many pet owners eventually think about taking their young pups to the nearby dog park.

Before making that trip though, you need to be certain that your puppy is ready. Listed below are the qualities that will determine if your puppy is ready for the dog park.

Fully Vaccinated

We all want to think that the dogs you’ll see at the park are perfectly healthy and capable of interacting with their fellow canines without issue.

Unfortunately, there are owners out there who haven’t fully vaccinated their pets. In some cases, their dogs may be sick, but because they aren’t outwardly showing any symptoms, their owners still bring them to the dog park anyway.

Exposing your puppy to those kinds of dogs is obviously risky, which is why it is essential for him/her to be fully vaccinated first. Preventive Vet suggests completing the puppy shot schedule first before taking your dog to the park.

That could take around 17 to 20 weeks to complete, but it’s well worth following for the sake of your pet.

Reacts to Basic Commands

Given his/her age, you can’t really fault your puppy for not following all of the commands you give. Still, he/she must be capable of at least understanding and reacting to them before you give the green light on a trip to the park.

You can never be 100 percent sure that things will go according to plan at the park. If some dogs get into a fight, you want to be able to keep your puppy safe even without the aid of a leash. Knowledge of basic commands will help with that.

The prospect of seeing your puppy get the chance to play with other dogs is exciting, but before you go full speed ahead on that plan, you have to be absolutely sure he/she is ready. If your puppy doesn’t possess all of the qualities mentioned in this article just yet, then hold off on that dog park visit for at least a little while.

Need some assistance during your puppy’s first trip to the dog park? We at TAILored Pet Services are more than happy to help out. Contact us to discover more tips to make that first visit as enjoyable as it can possibly be with some basic dog training.