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Disrupting Sleep-Ways to Stop Your Cat

Waking up to the sight of your pet cat hovering over your face should be a fun experience, but that’s not the case if it’s disrupting sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning.

As discussed previously in last week’s article, cats don’t develop that habit for no reason. Even so, you can’t allow that to continue unless you want your productivity at work to drastically go down.

For those pet owners who just want some peace and quiet at night, peruse these pointers that will discourage that particularly disruptive behavior of your cat.

Ignore the Behavior

The simplest way to stop your cat from disrupting sleep in the middle of the night is to just decide that you aren’t getting up no matter what. Give your cat some food before you place your head on the pillow and if that’s enough, show him/her that he/she will have to wait until the morning to receive more.

This won’t be easy and the meowing may end up disturbing your sleep anyway, but you should still demonstrate to your cat that this kind of behavior will not be rewarded.

Provide Things for Your Cat to Play With

Perhaps the issue isn’t that your cat is hungry. Instead, your cat just has plenty of pent-up energy and he/she would like to expend it playing with you.

No one can blame you for lacking the energy to play in the middle of the night, so the best solution here is to provide your pet with other things to have fun with. The RSPCA recommends adding scratching posts or even cardboard boxes to keep your cat entertained.

Just make sure to keep these playthings in an uncluttered part of your home to prevent any accidents.

Darken Your Room

One more solution you can try out if you just want to stop the disrupting sleep and enjoy some peaceful sleeping hours is to darken your room.

According to The Spruce Pets, cats won’t be able to see if it’s completely dark in your room and they will just resort to sleeping and syncing up with your schedule. Hopefully, your cat will get the hint and just snuggle up next to you to make your sleep even more enjoyable.

Even at night, cats can be very disruptive and demanding when they want to be, but there are ways to curb that behavior. Try out all the methods available until you find one that can effectively teach your cat to respect your sleeping time.

Cat owners who could use some extra sleeping time can use the services of a professional sitter. We at TAILored Cat Services are more than happy to watch over your pet as you get some badly needed sleep. Please call us at 425-923-7791 or peruse our website to learn more about the services we offer.



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