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Cat Spraying: How To Address It

Cat spraying ( inappropriate urination) can be a real nuisance. Stray urine can ruin your furniture, your clothes, and all kinds of other items you keep at home.

In last week’s blog, we explain how problematic the behavior can be; however, the good news is that you don’t just have to sit by and wait it out. Discouraging this type of behavior will hopefully save your home from being littered with puddles of urine.

Let’s get to those helpful tips now.

The Things You Can Do to Curb Cat Spraying

Considering that one of the primary reasons for why cats spray around their home is because they want to clearly mark it as their territory, one thing you can do is to show them that there are no threats to be worried about.

When your cat watches the neighborhood cats from your windows, lower the curtains to block the outside views. You can also try moving the stray cats to a different location or if it’s a neighbor cat that’s been hanging around your home, maybe you can talk to the people next door about the matter.

In some cases, you may need to buy something to dissuade your cat from spraying. The Humane Society urges cat owners to look into possibly using some feline pheromone diffusers or perhaps even giving your cat anti-anxiety medication if the veterinarian deems that to be appropriate.

Don’t forget about cleaning the spots that were previously targeted by your cat as well.

How to Clean Areas Previously Targeted by Your Cat

Areas previously targeted by your spraying cat need to be cleaned in a certain way.

According to Purina, you can start by cleaning the area with a 10 percent solution of biological washing powder. Follow that up by rinsing the area clean with some cold water. Allow the area to dry and then spray it with some alcohol that you can purchase from the vet’s office.

Once all that is done, the area should be clean, and more importantly, it will no longer be an attractive spot for spraying.

Spraying may be a habit that your pet cannot let go of just yet, but that doesn’t mean that you just have to endure it. Try out the things mentioned in this article to nip this problematic behavior in the bud and save your home from any further damage.

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