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Cat Spraying: Reasons/Signs to Monitor

Not every aspect of cat ownership is pleasant and one annoying behavior is known as cat spraying.

You may not know it by name, but you’ve likely encountered it before if you’ve shared a home with a cat. Spraying is basically when a cat urinates on unusual spots. Usually, the targets for spraying include piles of clothes, curtains, and pieces of furniture.

Ways to address cat spraying will be addressed in next week’s blog; however, in this article will help you understand the behavior.


Let’s start by highlighting the reasons behind why cats engage in this type of behavior in the first place.

According to Pet MD, among the common reasons for cat spraying is simply your pet marking his/her territory,  Upon catching sight of an unfamiliar cat outside the window, your pet may feel a need to exert dominance over his/her domain.

Spraying could also be your cat’s way of letting you know that there’s something about the home environment he/she is not very fond of. It could be an uncomfortable litter box or perhaps he/she is still getting adjusted to the layout of the new home.

Cat spraying may also be a part of the feline mating ritual and yes, even cats that have been spayed or neutered can display this type of behavior.

Signs It Has Occured

How do you differentiate normal urination from spraying? There are certain things to look for.

The most telling sign is the positioning of the cat’s body. According to Preventive Vet, cats in the middle of spraying will usually have their tails held high in the air with their back turned to their target.

Cats who spray will usually continue to leave waste behind in their litter boxes. They are spraying in addition to their other bathroom activities.

You should also check your laundry, furniture, curtains, and other common targets for spraying to see if there is any urine present.

The first step towards addressing the problem of cat spraying is understanding why it happens in the first place. Armed with knowledge pertaining to this type of behavior, you should be able to address it more effectively whenever it rears its ugly head.

Cat spraying can sometimes be difficult to detect, but we at TAILored Cat Services can help with that. Give us a ring at 425-923-7791 or browse our website to learn more about how we can monitor and care for your pet cat.



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