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Boredom-Why It Can Be Bad For Your Dog

Boredom can be difficult to deal with. It can drain you of the desire to do anything and make it tougher for you to be productive.

Thankfully for us, we can do all kinds of things to alleviate that boredom.

Being bored is not unique to us though. Our pets, and namely our dogs, can also struggle with the effects of boredom.

One may assume that a bored dog is not a big deal; however, that may not be the case. Boredom can be the root cause of some real problems that may even threaten the well-being of your pet.

In this article, we’ll highlight the different reasons why boredom is something that can be harmful to your canine companion.

Boredom: Lead Your Dog to Munch on Toxic Items

Speaking to Bustle, Dr. Jess Trimble noted that some dogs try to combat their boredom by filling up their bellies. This can manifest itself in the form of your dog hopping up next to the table and snagging something off of your plate.

It would be one thing if your dog just took a burger from you or something, but boredom can cause them to do something worse. Dogs may also go digging around in the trash if they’re bored.

If you happened to mix in some food scraps with items that can be toxic to your dog, something truly awful can happen once your pet goes digging in there.

Boredom: May Cause Your Dog to Chew

Give a dog something to chew on and he/she will be happy for quite some time. Chewing is also an activity dogs partake in when they are feeling anxious, frustrated, or bored, according to the ASPCA.

Bored dogs left unsupervised at home will be open to chewing anything they can get their teeth and paws on. That can be bad news for any misplaced shoes and the legs of your furniture.

Boredom: May Cause Fido to Flee from Home

Dogs cooped up in a home can grow tired of looking at the same four walls each and every second of the day. Once boredom sets in, many dogs will want to see something more exciting and they may even be curious about what’s waiting for them outside.

A dog that manages to escape from your home with no leash on is vulnerable. If he/she runs out on to the road, something truly terrible could take place.

It’s easy to dismiss boredom in dogs as something that’s not worth getting worked up about, but it can become very problematic if left unaddressed. Find out how to effectively combat the boredom your dog is feeling by reading next week’s article.

We at TAILored Pet Services understand the ill effects that boredom can have on dogs. By partnering up with us, we can ensure that your pets will be able to fun even if you have to go run errands. Find out more about how we can help your dogs by contacting us through our website or by calling 425-923-7791.