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Bored Dog-How to Easily Alleviate

As far as issues that could be plaguing your dog, boredom is something that can be easily eliminated.

Keep the following tips in mind if you want your dog to always remain happy and entertained.

Give Your Dog Some Fun Toys to Play With

When we’re feeling bored, we reflexively respond by doing something like pulling out our smartphone to watch something or perhaps play a game. Doing those things helps because they focus our mind and senses on something in front of us.

Handing your dog a smartphone isn’t going to help alleviate their boredom, but there are toys designed to keep them entertained.

Check out this article from The Spruce Pets for suggestions on great toys to purchase for your dog so he/she won’t be bored.

Alternatively, look for a long stick to transform into a flirt pole – another toy that appeals to many dogs. According to Preventive Vet, flirt poles are great to have around because they can also double as dog training aids,

Spend More Time Outside with Your Dog

Another tried and tested method for combating canine boredom is simply going outside with your pet. You can go for a longer walk than usual or if you’re feeling a bit tired. Playing around in the yard is another option to entertain your dog.

Going outside with your dog also helps because it uses more of his/her energy. By the time you get back home, your dog may only have enough energy to chow down before drifting off for the night.

Hire a Dog Walker So Fido Not Bored

There will be times when you’re just so swamped with work that you will be unable to keep your dog company at home no matter how much you want to. Thinking about your dog being alone at home is never fun.

Give your pet some much needed companionship during your busiest days at work by hiring a dog walker. That way, your pet will have someone to play around with regardless of how full your schedule currently is.

Boredom is simply no fun to experience either for us or our dogs. Don’t allow it to be a problem that lingers by trying out the suggestions in this article.

If you’re looking for a professional dog walker who can provide valuable companionship for your pet, we at TAILored Pet Services are more than happy to help. Simply call us at 425-923-7791 or review our website to learn more about our services.