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Bonding With Your New Kitten

Becoming a pet owner for the first time can be scary. You now have this new animal in your home that you can’t communicate with easily and you’re wondering when the two of you will start bonding.

Opting to adopt a young kitten is a good start, but how can you ensure that you two will stay close when he/she grows up to be an adult cat?

It’s not as difficult as you might think. To make the process even easier for you, please check out the top tips for bonding with your kitten listed below.

Don’t Force Interactions, but Keep Your Kitten Nearby

The first step towards effectively bonding with your kitten is to actually realize that you don’t have to always play around. According to The Nest, forcibly picking up or even just holding your kitten can cause him/her to feel stressed out.

You obviously don’t want that.

What you can do instead is to take your kitty into a room that you can share. Allow him/her to roam and explore while you keep an eye out.

Sharing that room with your kitten without forcing interactions helps build trust.

Use Toys and Treats for Bonding

Just because you shouldn’t play with your new pet all the time, doesn’t mean you should avoid doing so altogether. Have fun with your kitten by using toys. Just make sure that they are toys that won’t get into his/her eyes or items that he/she could potentially choke on.

You can also eat at the same time so that your kitten starts to associate mealtime with bonding time.

Discourage Rough Playing

Over the course of playtime, your kitten may get a little too riled up and start biting and scratching you. You need to discourage that behavior, according to Pet MD.

At this point, bites and scratches from your kitten won’t hurt, but things will change once their bigger teeth and sharper claws come in. By addressing that behavior right away, you can save yourself from plenty of wounds in the future.

Bonding with your kitten is not just about having fun. It’s also about keeping your pet healthy and setting the right boundaries. As long as you consistently care for your kitten, you can rest assured that the bond between the two of you will only grow stronger as the years pass.

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