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Better Walk Experience for Fido

The vast majority of dogs are always up to go for a walk outside. It doesn’t really matter how warm or even how cold it is outside, our furry friends are usually eager to get their paws on the pavement.

However, there may be some dogs out there who are no longer as enthusiastic for the outdoors. Sure, they’ll still head out, but after they’re finished their business, they may already be rushing to get home.

Your dog could very well be acting that way because they’re bored of the normal walk.

To make the outdoors more exciting again for your dog, we at TAILored Pet Services uses five ways to make the mid-day walk a more engaging activity.

1. We Handle the Leash Right

The way some people handle the leash can hurt dogs even if that’s obviously not the intent. This is likely not even your fault when it does happen because, as the American Kennel Club points out, some dogs will just resort to dragging the people behind them if they find something interesting. Unfortunately, the dragging puts plenty of pressure on the area around their neck.

We address this issue by employing the right dog walking techniques. Instead of constantly fighting with your dog causing the leash to be pulled, we’ll work with them so that the leash is more relaxed and no pressure is being put on their body. For example, all our walkers are equipped with a Harness Lead leash to ensure an enjoyable/pain-free walk.

2. We Provide Plenty of Time to Potty

The number one goal when taking the dog for a walk is to get them to answer nature’s call outdoors. Otherwise, you may discover a mess at home.

Here’s the thing though: dogs can’t be rushed when they’re going to the bathroom. They need time to sniff out their surroundings and find an ideal location to “leave their mark” so to speak.

We’re all about making your dogs comfortable so you can count on us to give them as much time as they need to answer the call of nature. In some cases, we write our visit log outside to give them “extra” time for this important step.

3. We Give Dog Opportunity to Explore

Rico exploring Mill Creek Preserve

Rico, walking client, exploring Preserve

The walk is supposed to be a fun time for your dog. It can’t be that when it’s limited to a bathroom break and nothing more.

If they find something or someone interesting during the walk, we’ll go with them to see what’s up. Don’t worry though because we’ll always prioritize the safety of your dog.

We’ll make sure to keep him/her out of any trouble while also providing ample opportunities for exploration. With your permission, we even take “field trips” by driving your dog to a nearby park or trail for new smells.

4. We Change Up the Routine

People get bored doing the same things day in and day out. Dogs are similar to us in that regard. If they’re just going to the same places and walking the same way all the time, they will likely get bored.

To combat boredom, we’ll make it a point to introduce new things during the walk.

Whether it’s just taking a different route during the walk or maybe even getting in some dog training by running and walking at varied speeds, we’re going to ensure that your pet experiences something different and exciting.

5. We Play Different Games

Atticus, dog walk client, playing ball

Atticus, walking client, playing ball

A surefire way to make the walk more exciting is to play different games and we’re more than happy to spend some playtime with your dog!

This article from Mother Nature Network presents some good games to play with a dog, including some involving treats that can serve as rewards. We’ll also try to figure out which games are your dog’s favorites so we can play those more often.

Walks should always be a fun experience for any dog. If your dog is no longer excited about walks, we will change that by doing all the things above and adding anything else that your dog would like to try.

Summer is almost here and we’re sure that your dog is looking forward to spending more time outside. If you don’t have a ton of free time to walk your dog, don’t worry. TAILored Pet Services is more than happy to handle that job for you. We have some special summer packages to take advantage of the warm weather. Call/text us at 425-923-7791 to get started.