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Playtime & Toys: Why They Are Beneficial

Dogs love playtime from puppyhood to when they are senior dogs. With our busy lives, we sometimes don’t have as much time as we would like to spend playing with our furry babies. For our human kids, we buy them toys to play with which not only entertain them but also stimulates imagination and learning skills. So why not do the same for your four legged kids! Dogs love to play with toys just as much as human kids.

Here are 4 reasons playtime and toys are good for your dog:


Exercise is crucial to having a healthy dog. Dogs like to run and play. A simple toy such as a ball that you can throw and have your dog return to you is a great investment and it will give your dog exercise that he needs.


Dogs can easily become bored if they do not have human interaction or stimulation during the day. When a dog is bored, he may become destructive or disobedient to try to entertain himself. When you are away from home, provide your dog with some kind of toy to stimulate him during the day to keep him entertained until you get home from work.


A great way to bond with your dog is to engage in some playtime with him. You can do this by playing fetch, running with your dog, giving him some daily treats and more. Buy a few toys at your local pet store for your dog to play with while you are at home and these toys will also keep your dog entertained when you are away. Note: Dollar Tree and Big Box stores also have some great dog toys for sale at reasonable prices.

Dental Health

A great way to improve dental health and reduce the need for cleaning of your dog’s teeth is to buy your dog a toy that is designed to clean his teeth. These toys encourage chewing which stimulates saliva and helps eliminate plaque. Also providing your dog with a chew toys may eliminate him from chewing on your favorite pair of shoes. To learn more about how to keep your dog’s teeth healthy, read our blog post “10 Tips To Help Prevent And Treat Dental Disease In Dogs”.

Do you need someone to provide some playtime and to take your dog for a walk during the day while you are at work? Or do you need boarding for your dog while you are on vacation? TAILored Pet Services is here to help! Our professional dog walkers and boarders will care for your dog, check their food and water, give them attention and keep them active with a little playtime. To learn more about our services, visit our Services page or call us at 425-923-7791.