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10 Ways Cats Show Their Love

Most cat owners love their cat just like a member of their family, like a son or a daughter, and chances are that your cat also loves you just as much, if not more. Unlike humans, cats cannot talk to us and tell us what they are thinking or feeling so we have to rely on their actions and sounds to understand what they are trying to tell to us. But how do you know if your cat is showing you love or affection? What do their actions and sounds mean? Do they mean that your cat loves you?

We have 10 common ways cats show their love to humans:

1.) Purring

The most common way cats show their love and happiness is by purring. Purring sounds like a motor inside your cat that starts up when they are happy and you will most likely hear it while you are petting your cat. You will probably hear your cat purring when you get home from work or from a vacation and your cat comes up to you for love and attention.

2.) Rolling Around on the Floor or Ground

Cats will drop to the floor or ground and roll around when they are excited and happy. You may have noticed that your cat will walk up to you and then drop to the ground and start rolling around. This is a sign of love and affection that they are showing to you. Also when a cat exposes their belly to you, it means that she trusts you.

3.) Bunting or Head-Butting

Bunting is a form of behavior where your cat rubs their cheeks against you or some other object, head-butts you with their forehead, or rubs their head on you. It is a form of scent communication and a way for your cat to leave her scent on you, marking you as her territory. Cats do this when they love something or someone such as their human owner.

4.) Kneading

Kneading starts when your cat is a kitten. As a kitten, they knead around their mother’s teat to induce the flow of milk. As an adult, cats continue to knead but as a sign of emotion. In most cases, when an adult cat is kneading, they are feeling happy and content. We have some other reasons a cat kneads in our blog article “Why Do Cats Knead”.

5.) Licking

Many people think of cat licks as cat kisses. Well, many experts do believe cats lick and groom their feline and human friends as a way of showing trust and care. You can take these “kisses” as a sign that your cat feels safe and happy. Licking also spreads a familiar scent and helps mark you as an important person in their surroundings.

6.) Meowing

If you walk in the door and your cat starts meowing, it is their way of greeting you and asking for attention. Cats may also meow if they want food or if they want to play. Sometimes a cat’s meow can become annoying, but try to remember that it is one of their many ways of communicating with you.

7.) Eye Kisses

If your cat places their face and eyes near you, they are expressing love and trust. Also, many people consider a very slow eye blink from a cat as a cat kiss.

8.) Playing

Cats play out of pure enjoyment and their most favorite playmate is typically a trusted and loved companion. Some cats may actually control the interaction by moving just out of reach so you are forced to come to them and start playing.

9.) Rear End Elevated and Raised Tail

Cats love for you to pet them on their rear end. Have you ever noticed your cat elevating their rear end when you are petting them while they are standing up? They may also stand in your lap and raise their tail with their rear end in your face. Surprisingly, this is a sign of love and affection. This is not exactly a way we want our cats to show their love for us, but nevertheless, it is.

10.) Gifting Prey

If a cat brings you a gift of prey that they have caught, it is a sign of love and affection because they only share their prey with those that they love. This is probably one of the least ways we want our cats to show their love for us.

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