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Train Dogs to Stay Off the Couch

Do you find your dog on your furniture when you get home? Do they surprise you by resting their head on the table? Many people love to cuddle and play with their dogs on the couch or bed; however, some don’t want to share their space with their best buddies.

Why Dogs Climb On the Furniture

Some dogs owners complain that their pet keeps climbing on the furniture. If you want to own a dog, understanding why they love to go up on the furniture is important.

  • Dogs love to be with their owners because they are empathetic creatures and love the feeling of being by your side most of the time.
  • They love marking their territory through rubbing and laying on an object like your bed or sofa.
  • Pooches also love to be elevated so they can see things around them wherein they can take immediate action.
  • Just like humans, they want somewhere comfortable to sleep and resting on your furniture is rewarding.


How to keep them off the Furniture?

The decision to allow your dogs access to your furniture will depend on you. At times, you want to caress and play with them but want to protect your sofas, table, and bed. If you want your pooch  “off” the furniture, apply the following rules.

The “Off” Command

When teaching the “off” command, do it in a dog-friendly way. Hold a treat away from the furniture and say “Off” with your sweeping hand gesture leading him to slowly step down. Another option, toss a small treat and ask the dog to get “off” then lead them to their own space. Give your dog a reward whenever he obeys. A simple hug will do!

Set a Barrier

Set a barrier to block off the furniture by creating a small indoor fence and placing it across the doorways or stairs to keep the pet away from the furniture. Another option, keep the dog in another room that he finds comfortable especially when you’re not at home. Third option, rearrange the furniture in strategic ways or simply put objects to block the couch until your dog is used to finding another place to lay down.

Consistency is the Key

Once your dog is familiar with the “off” command, be consistent. Do not invite your furry friend on the couch as this will confuse him. Stick with your rules even when you want to cuddle because you can do that while on the floor.. Allowing it once then telling them “off” the rest of the time will only confuse them.

Provide a Resting Place

Again, our pets love to have a place where they feel happy. The best thing to do is to provide them with an area in the house where they can lie down. Give your dog a comfortable option: mat, folded soft fabric or round bed that fits his size. Another option is to provide a separate resting area like one beside your couch, in the kitchen, in your bedroom or wherever your dog feels your presence.

How to Deal With the Persistent Type?

Dogs often have different reactions with all these processes. If he seems persistent, do the following instead:

  • Talk to your dog in a friendly and sweet manner and slowly remove him from the furniture.
  • Prepare tasty food like chicken. Then let the dog smell it and toss a few bits on his bed.
  • If he growls when you attempt to keep him off the couch, take a break until the dog relaxes. Do the above-mentioned tactics calmly.


When you are teaching your dog these rules, consider it a good bonding experience with your dog. Spend quality time and try not to scare him. Have fun and be positive until your dog becomes accustomed to the rules.

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