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Umbrella: weapon you can use on dog walk

Most of us with dogs have experienced being approached by unleashed and out of control dogs. It can be a pretty scary encounter. It happens often, you’re just walking down the path or sidewalk and all of a sudden an off leash canine approaches. They may be just curious or they may me snarling, either way it’s unsettling.

And the worst part is that you never know when it is going to happen. You can have hundreds of safe walks, but just one bad one can cause psychological or even physical damage to your dog. So, how can you protect your pet from an unwelcome guest on your walk? I bet you’d never think that one of the best tools you can use is an umbrella. Yes, you read that right.

An umbrella can help protect you and your dog from uncontrolled animals. How is this possible?

Acclaimed dog trainer and behaviorist, Trish King, says this is one of her favorite ways to protect her and her dog on walks. When a stray dog starts to approach you and your dog, open the umbrella towards them. The pop of if it opening will startle and surprise the dog giving you a chance to walk away. To make the biggest deterrent, put giant eyes on the umbrella. This will make the other dog even more surprised and confused. Generally, it will prompt them to leave you alone. Once you are safely away from the intruder, feed your dog a treat to let them know that everything is okay.


  • Carry an umbrella on walks
  • Bring a book bag with treats and other walking supplies
  • Paint or paste big eyes on the umbrella for maximum effectiveness

Have you ever tried this trick while walking your dog? We’d love to know your thoughts or experiences you’ve had while walking your dog. And don’t forget to give us a call if you need help getting your dog out for walks. We’re always here to help!