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Top 5 Tips to Relieve Stress in Dogs

We all have faced these terms “stress” and “depression” at some moment in life. From aggression to separation anxiety, there are a variety of behavioral problems. As we are humans, we are blessed to deal with this harsh period of life easily. But did you know that our furry friends can become stressed too? Recognizing signs of stress and knowing how to manage stress levels is key in ensuring your dog is happy. Here, we are presenting you top 5 tips to relieve stress in dogs.

Top 5 Tips to Relieve Stress in Dogs

  • Exercise

We all must be well-known that Exercise is a great stress buster for humans and so it is true for dogs. It’s not only fruitful for the mental stress but for the overall health and well-being as well. Exercise stimulates the production of Serotonin, a monoamine neurotransmitter, and is popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. Physical activities like an extra mile walk, a game of fetch, weekends trip to the park etc will be highly beneficial in reducing your dog’s stress level.

  • Create a Safe Zone

Reserve a peaceful area for your dog, free from external noises and events. High-stress events like thunderstorms, parties, loud conversations etc interrupt the dog’s rest time and make them conscious all the time. Fill up your dog’s bed with their favorite toys and blanket to make them feel secure. Don’t forget to visit them often and try to stay with them as long as possible during their bedtime.

  • Music

According to Psych Central, “The soothing power of music is well-established. It has a unique link to our emotions, so can be an extremely effective stress management tool. Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially slow, quiet classical music.” This statement is established not only for humans but for dogs as well. Leaving the Television or radio ON, your dog will feel really calm and strain-free. It is considered one of the easiest ways but makes sure the audio channel is having relaxing tones only.

  • ThunderShirt

ThunderShirt is the original natural calming solution. Like swaddling an infant, ThunderShirt’s patented design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm all types of anxiety, fear, and over-excitement issues. It is a popular solution for dog anxiety. The basic ideology behind this product is to keep your dog’s nerves calm while traveling or during anxiety.

  • Diet

Diet also plays an important role to relieve stress in dogs. Choose the right dog food based on the size, age, breed and activity level of the dog. Sometimes due to undernourishment, the dog feels less energy and falls under the stress mode. Dehydration can also cause a number of issues that can lead to strain.

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