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Top 5 Senior Cat Care Tips

Is your cat older than sever or more? If so, your cat is moving closer towards her golden years. They still might be thinking themselves as a young and energy kitten (that they used to be in their earlier days) but as a responsible pet owner, it’s our duty to conduct little changes and provide different care needs at different points in their life. Unlike humans, cats are not efficient or aware enough to bring changes in their daily life in every aspect like nutrition, physical activities etc. So, we have top 5 senior cat care tips.

Top 5 Senior Cat Care Tips

  • Regular Health Check-ups

Senior cat needs to be observed on a regular basis to maintain good health status and to stay on top of any potential symptoms of diseases. Drive your cat to the Vet more often for the regular health check-ups as it will increase the probability of diagnosing even the smallest health issue. In senior cats, an early sign of illness like vomiting, reduced appetite, hiding etc can easily lead to some serious health problems.

  • Spend more Time Together

Love, Time and Care: These are three key elements for living a healthier and more fulfilling life for senior cats. When cats become older, they often become very cuddly and crave more attention. It’s our responsibility to make sure that they feel happy and safe as long as they are alive. Activities like petting, playing, grooming etc are also beneficial in lowering their blood pressure, stress levels and depression.

  • Provide an Extra Level Comfort

Cats never feel old. Usually, senior cats continue with their earlier life routine and activities due to which, they have to face serious injuries and discomfort. Due to weak muscles and low energy levels, senior cats are not able to jump onto their favorite high rise chair and cabinets. Buy pet steps or ramps for them so that they can safely reach their special spot. The idea is to provide the firm footing to avoid slips and falls. Try to cover their sleeping spots with soft blankets or towels to provide more warmth and padding.

  • Change in Diet

Due to less activity level, the daily calories consumption in senior cat becomes very less as compared to a young and energetic kitty. Generally, senior cats gain extra pounds quite easily because of an imbalanced diet. Try to avoid vegetarian diet and add more animal protein sources. Cats facing arthritis and joint problems should consume more fatty acids such as DHA and EPA in their diet. To avoid kidney disease, lower the amount of sodium in senior cat’s diet.

  • Exercise

As we discussed earlier, senior cats generally become overweight and have a higher incidence of diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, skin disease, even cancer. A regular exercise routine is highly required to help preserve muscle tone and to keep bones and joints strong. Play with them every day under their limitations.

I hope these senior cat care tips would be helpful. Are you worried about the well-being of your cats during your vacations? Book a cat sitter or cat walker at TAILored Cat Services for your Fluffy. Our professionally trained pet walkers and pet sitters are certified in Pet First Aid/CPR. To know more about cat sitting services, Visit the Services section.



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