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Tips for Living with Multiple Cats

Cats are amazing. That’s why when you have one you often want another. Plus, it helps them from getting lonely. But it can also be a little tricky navigate all of their personalities. After all, every cat is a little different. They can fight over food, water, space and even things that you will never understand. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way forever. There are some tips and tricks we have for you to help you tread these difficult waters.

Tips for Living with Multiple Cats

Give them a space to call their own

While cats are generally solitary animals, they are also a social too. They like to have other animals around to socialize with, but also need their own space. And they can get pretty territorial about their areas. You find them napping together one minute, then the next minute they are fighting over who gets the new cardboard box from Amazon. Make sure that each cat has a place to call their own. You can get cat beds or boxes for each room, or even make a different area near a window in different rooms. They just need a little space to call their own will go a long way.

Have multiple foods and water bowls

Another place where cats can feel a lot of territorial pressure is around the food and water bowls. This is where a cat likes to feel relaxed and not threatened. But, when there are multiple cats in the home they can also feel a little on guard. It’s a natural instinct for pets to want to protect their food and water. That’s why tension can easily be high in this area. Make sure that each cat has their own bowl of food and water to help ease that tension.

Make sure you have enough litter boxes

Much like the eating area, litter boxes can be a stressful area of the home. The newest cat may be the lowest ranked in the social order, which means they may refuse (or not allowed) to use the litter box with the highest ranked cat. Plus, it can be a place where a cat can feel like they are being ambushed. A good rule of thumb is to have one more box than cats in the household and keep them in separate locations.

Give them plenty of toys and exercise

Set time aside for each cat just to play with them. You can either play games all together or separately (which ever seems to works best for you and your cats). A cat that is active, mentally stimulated and a little tired from play won’t be up for other kitty shenanigans. More than that, once your cats realize that you play with each of them equally, they won’t feel as much need to compete for your attention.

Hire a pet sitter

And don’t forget that if you need help keeping them active or their litters clean, pet sitters are always there to help. We’d love to come to visit your multi-cat home and keep them company! Make sure to contact us to schedule services for your loving clowder of cats. For more information about our feline friend services, visit our cat sitting page.



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