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Which Seattle Eateries Allow Dogs Inside?

One of the best places to visit in Washington is Seattle. Not only is it beautiful, it can be a great place to let Fido tag along with you for some quality time. After all, Seattle Eateries has been considered as one of the most dog friendly hang out spots in the US. With all the chilly and wet weather, a patio isn’t always the best place to eat, but sometimes it can be the only option for dog owners. But in a city like Seattle, where there are just as many dogs as there are children, there are actually a lot of places that allow your dog to dine inside with you.

We looked through the Go Pet Friendly Top choices and found these local Seattle eateries you and your dog are sure to love!

Top 5 Dog-Friendly Seattle Eateries

This dog friendly restaurant has been touted as the best place for you and your dog to dine. In fact, they even have a special room you can rent for birthday parties for people and dogs alike. However, they do have a strong no barking and behavior policy. Any misconduct will cause you to be asked to leave the restaurant.

This cafe is perfect for a doggie day out. You can get a cup of coffee while your dog is in daycare, getting pampered or even obedience training. They also have a separate room with comfy couches and chairs where you can get cuddle and caffeinate at the same time.

Enjoy some craft beer in on of the best brewery outdoor spaces in the Seattle. Socially behaved, leashed dogs are always welcome at the brewery, both indoors and out! They give you free apples and pretzels, but you can also bring your own food or order in from a nearby restaurant.

Their motto is “Come for the beer, stay for the dogs” and they mean it. They have their own dogs that are there are super friendly. Plus in general, social and well-behaved dogs have full reign of the brewery. They even can welcome to roam off-leash inside. But there is also a more quiet area with dog beds for a more relaxing experiencing.

A long standing popular choice in Seattle for dog lovers is the Leary Traveler. Leashed dogs are invited to join their humans indoors. That’s why they have a sign hanging up that says “Man’s best friend is a friend of ours, so long as they’re friendly.” It’s a perfect place to spend the afternoon with your best canine companion.

Just remember to follow the establishments rules and policies to make sure that everyone has a fun and safe time. What are some of your favorite places to take your dog in and around Seattle? We’d love to hear about your experiences!

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