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Top Tips for Running with Your Dog

We always try to escape some time for our general fitness that includes running, jogging, etc. Generally, we don’t even find a companion who’s reliable and adjust to whatever pace you want to run. In such cases, your dog can be your next ultimate exercise partner and it will also be a great opportunity for you both to spend quality time as well. Though your dogs are probably born to run fast, you need to start slow. So, we are presenting top tips to make your running session enjoyable and rewarding for both you and your four-legged friend.

Top Tips for Running with Your Dog

  • Get Medical Clearance

Before beginning your running schedule with your dog, first consult with the Vet and get a checkup as some pets have breathing or joint-related issues we are unaware of. Any increase in physical activity can create more stress on canine current health status.

  • Know Your Breed

Before you hit the ground, consider your dog’s breed as many dog breeds are born runners while some need a slow and planned introduction to the track to ensure a safer and more productive run for both of you. Some of the examples of dog breeds built to run several miles are German Shepherds, Terriers, Retrievers, etc. Dogs with short legs are not great marathon runners while larger leg breeds are more prone to hip dysplasia.

  • Always Use Leash

Many pet owners believe that running with a leash might be a hurdle for them and their dog as it won’t give sufficient space to let the dog run free. But situations can turn in an instant as outside environment is filled with other free animals, vehicles, uneven paths, etc that may cause hindrance. As dogs can’t react to these uncertain situations effectively, it is highly advisable to use the leash to avoid any injury or worse.

  • Stay Hydrated

Running soaks plenty of water from your body in the form of sweat, heat, etc. Same goes for your pooch as well. Especially in the summer, make sure you and your dog have water before and after the running session. You may also carry water bottles along with you while running to take short water breaks.

  • Watch Out For Their Paws

While running on tracks or grass, make sure you choose the clear path with no obstacles like hot asphalt, broken glass, pebbles, etc to avoid any cuts and injuries in your dog’s paws. If your dog starts to limp or lick its pads, stop the running session immediately and inspect the the dog’s paws. Avoid running during overhead sun period as hot paths may cause sunburn to your dog’s paws.

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