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Professional Pet Sitters Week

Did you know that at the beginning of every March is Professional Pet Sitters week?  It started back in 1995 by Pet Sitters International (PSI). It’s a week to celebrate professional sitters for all the hard work they put in for our beloved furry family members. Without them tons of pet parents would be at a loss of how to both care for their pets while working or on vacation. But we don’t want to just leave our loved ones with just anyone. That’s why it’s important to leave their care up for the professionals.

What makes the difference in a professional?

You will often find neighbors and “hobbyists” that are willing to look after your pets, but they are far from being a professional pet sitter. So in this Professional Pet Sitters Week, here are a few differences that you’ll see when you hire a professional pet sitter. 

  • Legalities

First and foremost, professional pet sitters are licensed and bonded for your protection. This means that if (God-forbid) something happens to your pet while in their care you can take legal actions against them.  As unfortunate as it sounds, it is a needed precaution when leaving your loved ones in someone else’s care. This shows you how serious your professional pet sitter is about your pet’s well being.  A hobbyist is just that…someone who sees your pet as a “hobby.”  They may have a deep love for pets and a big heart, but it doesn’t mean that they see your pet as more than something to bring in some extra cash while filling an open afternoon.

  • Training

A hobbyist will more than likely not have the training that a professional will have.  We are trained in First Aid and pet specific CPR. In case of emergency situations, a professional will be able to act quickly and get your pet the care they need as soon as possible.  We are also trained in spotting sickness.  Sometimes when pets fall ill the seriousness of their condition can progress rapidly.  As professionals, we know the signs of various illness and can ensure your pet gets the attention they need.

  • Commitment

Professional pet sitters and dog walkers will sign a contract with you for both your protection and theirs.  With a hobbyist you often just get a handshake and their word that they will be there day in and day out to take care of your pet. If something else comes up in their schedule, your pet is often put on the backburner.  We make sure your pet is our priority, it is our job to be there and we will be there no matter what.

It’s easy to see why a professional is better than a hobbyist when it comes to your four legged family members. You’re getting more than a well-intended person showing up, you’re getting the value of competent and experienced pet sitter that hold your pets in very high regard.

So in this Professional Pet Sitters Week, give us a call for dog walking services to keep your dog entertained during the day! We’d be happy to be poked, come play, walk and care for them to break up long days when you’re out and about.