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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Dog Sunburn

As we have already discovered a lot about sunburn in the dog in our previous blog, so let us move forward together to another important section that is about different ways to prevent sunburn in the dog. Hang on, Did you just miss that previous one? Don’t worry drive yourself to this link first and come back to me then.

Yes I know you might be feeling so blessed that your dog never had an encounter with those painful and brutal sunburns. So, to continue this streak, we made this blog to present you some of the preventive measures to be taken to avoid sunburn.

Guidelines to prevent sunburn in dog

Prevention is always better than cure. Ideally, it is better to protect your pooch in advance to dodge UV rays and painful sunburns rather than treating it later on.

The preventive measure to be taken to avoid sunburn:

  • Avoid shaving

Pet owners have a myth in their mind that shaving their dogs is a good initiative to keep them away from summer heat. The result of this is totally opposite as it exposes the fresh skin directly to the harmful UV rays. Hair/fur coating acts as a barrier to protect your little pup from direct exposure of the sun.

  • Use sunscreen

Many owners are still stranger to the availability of the sunscreen specially designed for the dogs available in the marketplace. These pet-friendly sunscreens are formulated to block the sun rays and can be applied by prior focusing on areas of increased exposure like earflaps, nose, underbelly, and areas having less hair coat or shaved. These sunscreens are 100% non-toxic if licked or consumed by the dog. According to United States Dog Agility Association, sunscreens containing zinc oxide and PABA should be avoided as these elements can be toxic when taken internally.

You can try Doggles Pet Sunscreen as it is made with all organic ingredients such as aloe vera and willowherb. You can purchase it directly from Doggles website and it is available on Amazon as well.

  • Limit the sun exposure

Never leave your dog outside in the sun for long durations and try to go for a morning or later evening walk with your pup to eliminate the brightest side of the day. During peak sunshine hours, make sure the dog is under shaded regions such as umbrella, shade tree, doghouse or a covered yard.

  • UV Protection clothing

Dogs having thin fur coating and reactive nature against sunscreen can have protection in the form of light-colored UVA and UVB sun rays blocking clothing. They are lightweight and also cover the majority portion of the abdominal region.

  • Protection for paws

Avoid taking your dog on a walk during the hottest hours of the day as the blazing roads or paths can burn your dog’s paws.

When you hire TAILored Pet Services, Spot’s safety is our main priority to prevent your dog from getting sunburn. If you’d like us to apply sunscreen to your dog, please leave for our dog walkers to apply. With the temperatures climbing, we may need to adjust the lengthen of walk. Visit our dog walking page for more information about this service.