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Potty Train An Adult Dog

Many adult dogs are imperfect in house-training skills. This may be due to the fact that they have just forgotten their childhood potty lessons or some adult rescue dogs come with no previous training. Few of them even have this habit of eating their own poop. Sounds gross, Right? Curious to know why dogs eat their own poop, visit our previous blog. Well, the great news is there is no rocket science required to potty train an adult dog. In fact, it’s is super easy as they are easier and faster to learn new skills than a newborn puppy.

Potty Train An Adult Dog

Checklist before Training

It’s been said that before learning any new routine, one should eliminate the scratch or we can say eliminate all the previous stuff related to that. Clean all the nearby areas and “marked spots” in your house attentively where your dog has the tradition of pooping or peeing. Try using a home-made solution to remove the stain and odor or you can buy any chemically formulated product from the market to remove all the traces.

Fix The Timing

Unlike humans, dogs naturally have the urge to eliminate multiple times in a day. Some common events after which they look for a decent space to poop or pee are after a nap break, feeding or a drink, playing, etc. Look for the right opportunity and take them outside or even inside (if you have a particular spot to let them do their business). Always praise them or offer a treat whenever they land themselves at the right location. Continue the same procedure for a few days and feel the difference.

Praise and Reward Trick

Dogs can’t communicate. Even then they can sense our love and affection. We can use this superpower as our primary tool to potty train an adult dog. Always praise them or show your love right after they poop at the right location. This will let them continue to do their business at the same location next time to get your love again. Never punish them if you find them doing at the false location rather stay there and ignore them. Punishing makes them anxious for you. And in the future, they will refuse to potty whenever they see you on the other end.

Hire a Dog Walker

If you have plans to be away from home or at work, it will be inhumane if you abandon your Fido in a crate all day long. In such cases, you can hire a trained dog walker or pet sitter for your energetic dog. They won’t just take care of your dog’s potty breaks but also provide on-time meals, play-time, socialization, long walks and much more. Looking for one? Don’t struggle, visit our dog walking page to learn how we can help.

At TAILored Pet Services, our trained employees always pay close attention during their potty breaks. We always make sure your pet does his business at the right location under our supervision. To learn more about our dog walking and pet sitting services, please visit our Services page or contact us directly to know more and share your views on the topic: Potty Train An Adult Dog.