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Top 6 Most Playful Cat Breeds

Being honored as one of the laziest pet, Cats spend almost half of their life in sleeping (12-15 hours/day). But there are certain playful cat breeds that contain an extra tincture of energy, activeness, and an abundance of excitement. These cat breeds are always next to you when you want to play fetch, have endless hours of cuddle session, go for a ride and hit the swimming pool.

Most Playful Cat Breeds

Highly social with humans and other pets, Japanese Bobtails are having a very bright personality. Being an extremely alert with high-energy levels and quick cat, they respond to the actions within a second and learn new skills quickly as well. They are curious, keen climbers and love playing with kids and water as well. In short, you can call them a four-legged replica of kids.

Being so attached to the humans, Bengal cats just follow their owners all the time and love to be with them. They demand attention and always try to be your helping hand whenever possible. They require a good deal of space to showcase their athletic skills like jumping and climbing. You also need to make them occupied with interactive toys and scratching surfaces.

Continuously leading the charts for being the most popular, friendliest and most intelligent cat breeds, Abyssinian cats are having an extrovert personality and love hoomans company as well. They love solving food puzzles, long walks, endless games of fetch and investigating the highest point of the house. Being on the higher-maintenance side, they easily get depressed if not given proper attention.

These people pleasing, troublemaker and the playful cats may belong to the cat family but all its traits match with monkey family. Devon Rex cats are easy to train, loyal and super social. This small-size cat breed is always ready to play fetch, hide and seek and long walks on a leash.

Burmese cats are fearless, highly acrobatic, show great affection and form strong bonds with humans without being overly demanding. This athletic cat breed is also a good playmate and never lose his/her curiosity while playing with toys.

Siberian cats are high in energy and fit themselves in a busy house as well. Watching their athletic and agility skills is also a great source of entertainment for the Siberian owners. Planning to bring a Siberian as a new family member, just keep all the fragile items locked and away from their footprints.

Want to share your experience with us or have suggestions to add a few playful cat breeds into this list? Please leave your comments down below. At TAILored Cat Services, our experienced cat sitters do take care of your pets whether they are lazy or playful. To know more about us, visit our cat sitting page.



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