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Hotel Room: Peaceful Experience With Dog

For the most part, our dogs love to be everywhere we are and go everywhere we go. That’s why we often take them on vacation with us. However, there are sometimes when the peaceful hotel room can result in anxiety causing our dogs to bark. Even the quietest of pups can be provoked to incessant barking due to a strange environment. From the strange smells, the weird noises from the hallway and being left alone for short periods of time in an unfamiliar place, it makes sense that they are out of sorts.

Things to do for a Peaceful Hotel Room Stay

  • Don’t leave your pet alone until they have gotten a chance to get used to the room

There is a whole lot of newness that comes with a hotel room. It can be difficult for your dog to get used to at first. It can be even harder if you drop them off with your luggage then head out the to store. This is can leave them riddled with anxiety for the rest of the trip. Take a moment to unpack things with familiar scents and let them know this is “home” for a few days. If you can have someone stay with your pet while you go to the store or check out the amenities.

  • Familiarize yourself with policies, such as leaving your pet unattended

Some hotels have a limit on how long a dog can be left unattended. They also usually have designated “potty” areas and other rules for pets. By knowing and abiding by these rules you will make sure your dog has a peaceful trip.

  • Bring their comfort items

If your dog has their blanket and toys, maybe even their crate, they will feel much more secure in the new room. This means they will be less likely to be on edge and less likely to bark at everything.

  • Make sure they get plenty of exercises

A tired out dog is a good dog. If your dog gets a good walk and plenty of exercises while on vacation they will be too tired to bark or make mischief in the room. Even if you have to leave them for a little while, they will be happy just to sleep and rest if they re good and tired out.

  • Utilize ambient noises

Drown out the sound of other guests and hotel staff with a TV or Radio. If your dog is extremely anxious they even have Ambient Sound Machines for Dogs like the Pet Acoustics. This product has been specifically developed by sounds behaviors for anxious and dogs. Turn it on to help your dog relax so they aren’t pacing, tearing up pillows or barking.

It is important for all dog owners to make sure their hotel room stays peaceful while traveling with their canine companions. Not just for the sake of the dog or the owner, but for everyone traveling. A noisy dog can cause problems for other guests and may even be the last straw in a usually pet friendly place closing the doors to dogs.

Keeping a Peaceful Hotel Room with Your Dog sounds like a big deal to you? Don’t worry, send them to us and enjoy your peaceful stay with your family and we will take care of your little furry friend. Check out our in-home boarding page to know more.