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Throw a PawFect Halloween Pet Party

What’s better than being dressed up in themed costumes to party whole night? Nothing, that’s absolutely right! Halloween is one such festive season covered with spooky decorations, devilish desserts, and creepy cocktails. As the holiday season is approaching, you might have even started preparing for the Halloween party and writing down the never end list of your guests as well. But wait, did you plan anything for your pet or its fellows to make those moments as memorable as yours? I know you must have brought the most eye-catching Halloween costume for your pet with no place to go. In today’s post, we are going to discuss tips and tricks to throw a PAWFECT Halloween pet party where both pets and their humans can have a spooktacular evening.

Throwing a PawFect Halloween Pet Party Checklist

  • Send the invitations

That’s the first step for every party you organized. You can send the customized paper invitations or use paperless services to invite like email invitations or social media. As your pooch’s party is not going to be any ordinary party, same should go for the invitation as well. Try to shoot a quick 30-40 seconds video of your pet wearing a Halloween and sharing the invitation details of its upcoming Halloween party. Share that video with your invitation list through email or simply create a Facebook event.

  • Decoration and Costume

As Halloween is a kinda themed party, try to frame the decorations and atmosphere a bit scary and ghostly with spidery touch. You may also want to adorn your fiesta with pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, tombstones and a skeleton dog welcoming at the front door. Try to keep the things less scary for your pet as they usually get uncomfortable in an unusual environment.
Being the host of the party, your pooch should be the center of attention. You can try dressing you and your dog up in clever couple’s costume. You may find many costumes for your pet but sometime when the sweetest of pets can get snappy when he/she can’t feel comfortable.

  • Activities

Managing a high energy puppy can be a tough situation for any parent. Now, think dozens of such highly electrified souls under the same roof? The situation may go out of control definitely. Engaging the pets in different activities and games is the only left option to maintain the decorum. You should arrange different toys for your guests like chew toys, chasing balls, and catching Frisbee. Try to clear and remove any obstacles from their playing path and if possible, try to arrange all the activities outside.

  • Halloween Pet Party

Every party is incomplete without fingering licking dishes. Halloween is all about pumpkins and pumpkin-infused treats will be a healthy option for your pet’s friends feast. Be prepared to have a variety of dog treats and plenty of fresh water bowls available. Every dog has a unique nutritional need and taste, don’t forget to take consent with the owners before you give one to their dogs. Make a healthy distance of all the pets from any sugar-free treats that contain Xylitol as it can be fatal to our pets.

Throwing a party with your pet is nothing less than throwing a party for/with your child. You can’t even spare yourself a moment to enjoy because of having dual responsibilities of your pet and the Halloween Pet Party as well. In search of a pet sitter or a pet walker to comfort your evening? Hire us! At TAILored Pet Services, our trained pet walkers and pet sitters are also capable enough to help you in your parties arrangements so that you can adore your moments to the fullest. To know more about our Services, call us at 425-923-7791.