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National Canned Food Month

As you know that it is National Canned Food Month and dry food seems to get all the glory in the pet food department. It’s touted as being better for dental care and digestion, but is it really all that? Canned food get the bad wrap, but are they all that bad? Are there good quality canned foods? And if there are, what benefits or drawbacks of feeding canned food to your pet?

The Pros

Minimal fillers: When you purchase quality food in a can there are less fillers and contain more meat. The key word here is quality. You have to look for the ones that have limited or no grain. This makes them great for pets with diabetes or pets that are overweight.

Lots of moisture: Some pets need more moisture in their diet. Whether they are breeds that are used to dry climate, have arthritis or just don’t drink enough, the added moisture is good for them. Diets that are high in moisture-rich foods help to prevent urinary tract infections and kidney problems.

They love them: It’s no secret that our pets love canned food. It seems like “people food” to our pets and it helps transition pets that are accustomed to table scraps to regular pet food. Even the pickiest of eaters will often enjoy a nice stew-style canned food.

The Cons

Non-quality foods: You have to be careful because a lot of canned foods still contain fillers like corn, rice and grain that is not exactly healthy for our pet’s digestive systems. These grains are not as good for our pets as food that is meat based.

Packaging is pricey: There is a larger cost in canned foods because of the packaging. Because of the aluminum and smaller quantities, you will often end up spending more on wet food than you do dry food.

You have to refrigerate: If you do end up buying bigger cans of food, chances are that your pet will not eat it all in one sitting. So, you have to promptly refrigerate the leftovers to keep them fresh. If you leave it out then your pet can end up getting sick, which is something no pet owner wants.

Basically, in general canned food is good for our pets. You may not want to feed it to them for every meal, but it is certainly a great thing to feed them often. It can aid in digestion, help with hydration and arthritis, and they really enjoy it. Just make sure that you get the non-grain based wet food to avoid unhealthy fillers and your pet will be licking their lips in the healthiest way possible.

This National Canned Food Month, we’d love to hear your stories. You can reach us on Twitter or on our Facebook page! Feel free to contact us in case you need help taking care of your pets. We’d be happy to be poked, come play, walk and care for them to break up long days when you’re out and about.