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Love Your Pet Day

February is often filled with expectations of romance or sometimes even a little bit of melancholy recollections. But there is a sure fire way to make sure you are happy this month, by making a date with your pet! February 20th is Love Your Pet Day! Here are some ideas on how to spend a day of love with no other than your sweet eager to please furbaby?



Love Your Pet Day:

  1. Relax at a Dog Spa after brunch: First take your dog out for lunch at a cute dog friendly cafe for a little brunch. Then go to the spa and get your pooch a luxury bath, get the nails done, try out different outfits and hairstyles. Love Your Pet Day is all about pampering your beloved and who could do it better than a spa?
  2. Go Shopping for some new toys and then play at the Park: Dote on them a little by taking them shopping for a new frisbee or tug of war rope and maybe a bag of treats too. Then head out to your local park for an afternoon filled with fun and love.
  3. Bake Heart Shaped Cookies: We all love sweets! Bake yourself some sugar cookies and make these delicious little peanut butter or pumpkin treats for your pet. They are sure to love it, after all who doesn’t like treats on a special day?
  1. Make A Clay Paw Print: Our pets are often our best friends, making a cute little keepsake of their paw prints is a sweet way to remember your special time together. You can do a Paw Print in a heart and use your thumbprint to make a heart as well. Then keep them together to remember your sweet time together. Also, make sure to get pet friendly clay and do not use salt dough unless you are very careful. While it is a popular way to make prints, it can be toxic to our pets if they eat it. You can use it as long as you take proper precautions to avoid any digestion of the salt dough mixture (even after it has been baked).
  1. Netflix a Pet Flick: movie. Homeward Bound, Lady and The Tramp, Marley & Me, Hotel for Dogs, Max or Turner and Hooch are just a few of the great pet-centric movies out there for you to enjoy. Break out the leftovers from lunch or some more of those heart shaped treats and have a nice quiet night cozying up with your pet.

February can be a hard time for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be all romance and diamonds. Just doing something special with your four-legged companion is enough to make the month great!

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