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How Long Do Cats Live?

In general, as pet parents, we want to know about how much time we will have with our fur babies or how much time the cats live. It can help us prepare and savor the time we have with our pets. Even though it can be difficult to really determine how long your cat will live, it’s good to have a general idea.

How long can I expect the cats live?

On average cats lives about 10 to 15 years according to statistics and experts. The oldest cat ever recorded by the Guinness World Records was a cat named Creme Puff. She lived with her owner in Austin, Texas and was 38 years and 3 days old.

Mostly, their age expectancy depends greatly on how a cat lives. While these numbers may seem a bit low, they are still averaged between unfortunate cats that died early from disease or accidents which lowers the entire average.

  • Mostly unsupervised outdoor cats live only about 7 years.
  • Indoor-only are usually expected to live 14 years.

You can also help determine life expectancy rates with a “human age equivalent” formula. By taking your cat’s age in “human years” you get a good idea of how old they really are. The American Animal Hospital Association and the American Association of Feline Practitioners came up with the following comparisons:

Cat Age Vs. Human Age

Age of Cat


Age Equivalent

0-1 month 0-1 year
2-3 months 2-4 years
4 months 6-8 years
6 months 10 years
7 months 12 years
12 months 15 years
18 months 21 years
2 years 24 years
3 years 28 years
4 years 32 years
5 years 36 years
6 years 40 years
7 years 44 years
8 years 48 years
9 years 52 years
10 years 56 years
11 years 60 years
12 years 64 years
13 years 68 years
14 years 72 years
15 years 76 years
16 years 80 years
17 years 84 years
18 years 88 years
19 years 92 years
20 years

96 years

Once you see the side by side comparison it makes it easier to relate to their age. And the best way to ensure a long happy life for your cat is to provide them proper TLC. That means giving them a nutritionally balanced diet, enough exercise, mental stimulation, regular checkups and veterinary care, plus lots of affection. Cats thrive on the tender loving care and comfort of the home we give them.

How old is your cat? We’d love to hear stories about your young and old feline fur babies. And as always, make sure to contact us if you need someone to give any extra interaction and care while you’re away!



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