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January is Unchain a Dog Month

There’s no denying that winter can be harsh. Exposure, frostbite and dehydration are common for dogs left outside. Even if they are not strays “backyard” dogs can suffer from the brutal cold of the winter. That’s why it’s best to bring your dogs inside when it’s freezing outside. So, it makes sense that January is “Uncain a Dog” month. A time meant to encourage people to bring their pets inside where it is nice and warm.

We all know that dogs need food, water and shelter, but they also need affection, love and companionship from their families. Even if dogs are normally outside dogs, there are things we can do to help them be more comfortable in the frigid winter temps.

How to Help Outside Dog:

  • Help give dogs who spend time outside proper shelter. Shelters should be made out of wood and be put in places with a lot of sun.
  • Allow them inside as much as possible. Especially puppies, kittens, elderly and animals with short hair. When they do go outside make sure to put sweaters or coats on them.
  • Any dogs that are tethered, make sure that they are still able to get into their doghouse.
  • Don’t allow your pet to roam outside. It can be dangerous for them as they try to seek out warmth. They can often hide under hoods, in tire wells, or in sheds with toxic chemicals.
  • Give them more food. The more calories you give outside pets during the winter, the warmer and safer they stay.
  • Make sure they have access to non-frozen water. You can purchase water bowls that won’t let the water freeze to ensure your pet always has fresh water to drink.

If your dog or if you know a that is outside make sure to take time to give them extra exercise and food in the winter. It will help them fight the cold and keep them healthy. Giving them scratches behind the ears, walks around the block or extra treats and toy can mean the world to them while everything is hibernating.

Give us a call for dog walking services if you need help to keep your dog entertained and break their long day when you’re out and about. We’d be more than happy to be poked, come play, walk and care for them!