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How to Give Your Dog Pills

Giving your dog a pill can be a challenging part for the parent and sometimes for Vets as well. We can’t just simply put those bitter pills directly in their mouth without any hesitation. You can try hiding them in food but if they sniff them out that means you need better tricks. It requires ample time and patience from the owner’s side to keep them stay calm and confident so that the whole process doesn’t become stressed and more anxious as a result. In today’s post, we are going to discuss how to give your dog pills.

Giving your dog a pill

  • Choose the right food to hide the pill

Every dog has his/her own favorite food list. Most dogs love peanut butter, cream cheese, chicken, etc. So, try to disguise the pill in their food so that your pet won’t be able to recognize the taste and odor of a pill.

  • Use Pill Popper

You can also use pill popper to get the pill into the back of your dog’s throat without having to risk getting bitten and sticking your fingers in there. It will take away all the strain out of you and your dog when administering their much-needed medication. When swallowed, rub the dog’s throat lightly to stimulate the swallowing process.

  • Play Treaty-Treat Game

You can also cage them to take the pill while playing. Like any other normal day, play the reward games with them. Choose the tasty and smelly food as a bait to make interest of your pet. Launch them to your dog, one at a time, so the dog grabs and swallows them. In between those reward treats, throw the reward coated pill to the dog. It is an easier method as dogs generally swallow the rewards while playing without chewing the bitter experience of the pill.

  • Try Flavored Pills

Some of the pet owners may not be aware of this, a large number of common disease medications are available in flavored compositions for pets. Pets easily intake these pills as treats on their own. Flavored Pills are generally on the expensive side than the usual ones.

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