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How to Dine Out With Your Dog

When you think of dining out with your dog, you often think of whimsically perfect cafe scenes with your dog next to your chair as you enjoy a nice meal with friends and family. However, sometimes it’s not always picture perfect. Sometimes you get to places and they don’t let your four-legged friend in or maybe your dog gets a little excited about people and table scraps. Luckily we have the tips you need to dine with your dog without disaster.

Know your dog

Even though you may want your little companion to enjoy every moment of fun with you, they may not be so thrilled with it. If your dog is scared by loud noises or commotion it is probably best to leave them at home. It can be more stressful for them to come out than it is for them to stay home alone. But some dogs truly do love to be social.

Master your commands

When you go out to eat you should know that there will be noise, children, and possibly other dogs. Once you master commands with your dog taking them out in public will be much easier. The best command you can teach your dog for dining out is the “lay-down” command. They need to know to lay down and stay still for a while during the meal. A good way to do this is to train them on a mat. Have a mat at home and teach them to lay on it. Then bring that mat with you to the restaurant and have them sit or lay on it when needed.

Don’t share your table scraps

We know this is a good practice every day, but it’s even better if you’re wanting your dog to go out to eat with you. You won’t have to worry about them begging for food at the table. Some pet-friendly restaurants have a special menu, but that’s not always the case. But just in case, make to bring them a few treats or a long-lasting chew for them while they are hanging out on their mat so they don’t feel left out.

Bring your own bowl and bags

In addition, some restaurants will have bowls available for your pup to drink from, but not all of them do. Make sure to bring your own bowl. Never share your own dishes with them. And also bring along plenty of poop bags in case they need a quick bathroom break while you’re out.

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Do you know another dog-friendly eatery in the area? Please share it with us. Tell us about it in the comments below or on a Facebook page. Also, don’t forget to contact us to help care for your precious pup while you’re away from home.