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Thanksgiving Fun With Your Dog

Are you planning to celebrate Thanksgiving with your loved ones? You must have prepared the long list of guests as well. Thanksgiving is associated with huge family get-togethers. As much as we are ready to dig into our turkey feast, we have to make sure that our pets can join this memorable moment as well. Like humans, Dogs are also social creatures and they feel stressed when kept away from the fun and activities. We are presenting you some fun ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your dog while maintaining your guest’s festive mood as well.

Fun Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Dog

  • Family Introductions

Festive seasons bring new friends and family members to your home and some of them are not even known faces for your dog. This will make the things quite uncomfortable for both the guests and your dog. So, it’s your duty (the host) to let your guests, especially overly excited and aggressive children, know the best way to approach your canine for a mutually satisfying and happy experience.

  • Dress Them Up

You must be ready for receiving everyone’s attention by showing off your turkey-themed clothes and accessories. Dress up your dog as well so that your little friend can also get some attention from your guests and be a part of your Thanksgiving pictures. The costume should not limit their movement, sight or ability to breathe and bark.

  • Stop the Begging

We know this is an impossible task when you are on the dinner table with your guests and your dog shows his fake sorry looking face to get a small piece of turkey. Let your guests know your pet is well fed and have one family member in charge for taking care of this situation by giving only healthy treats to the dog.

  • No Thanksgiving Treats

Festive treats are full of chocolates, gravies, sauces and highly seasoned food items. These holiday-specific foods can highly affect the canine’s digestive, muscular, and nervous systems. Cooked bones and turkey skins can cause choking and gastrointestinal upset or pancreatitis.

To make some great festive treats for your dog, cook the protein-rich and boneless turkey without any butter, extra skin, gravy and seasonings. To know more about Thanksgiving Food You Can Share With Your Dog, click here.

  • Indulge Yourself in Dog-Friendly Activities

There are several ways to celebrate and have fun activities with your four-legged and two-legged friends. While watching Thanksgiving Day Parade or your favorite reality show with friends or family members, curl up with your dog and spend a quality time.

Won’t be able to spare some quality time for your little furry friend to celebrate Thanksgiving? Don’t worry, Hire us for dog sitting. Our trained dog sitters, dog walkers, and pet sitters will take care of your pet while you are away. Please visit our Service page to learn more about our dog care services.