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Dog refuses to eat? Reasons and solutions.

Usually, Dogs have the habit of eating almost everything and anything. And When the dogs don’t eat dog food, it feels upsetting as they used to down their food bowl within a minute or earlier. We always try to feed them the tastiest and nutritious dog food. Even then there are certain parameters responsible for this awkward behavior. Hyporexia (reduced food intake) and Anorexia (complete refusal of food) in dogs are due to varieties of reasons ranging from health conditions to behavioral problems to the type of dog food. Today we are going to cover, why dog’s don’t eat dog food and how to overcome this issue as well.

Why Dogs Aren’t Eating?

  • Change in Diet

We humans always love to try a new food recipe every day. Same doesn’t go with dogs. They don’t easily accept the changes in their daily diet. Sometimes pet owners treat their dogs with canned food or people food which make things harsh for dogs to revert back to their same boring meal.

  • Too Many Treats

Under training sessions, we sometimes just fill the dog’s tummy with too many treats. Dogs also find treat sessions more exciting and as an alternate way of having a meal.

  • Behavioral and Health Issues

Behavioral issues include anxiety, losing a canine or human friend, shifting to a new home or space. Change in their play time also brings boredom in a dog’s life.

Dental issues like gums swelling and bleeding, gums dental decay, bad breath etc tend to create oral pains. These pain make a difference between the dogs and their food bowl. If your dog is on certain medications or recovered from a recent illness, then it makes a temporary effect on a dog’s appetite.

How to Solve this?

  • Add gravy to Dog Food

Dogs get sick of eating dry dog food. Try to integrate dry kibble into wet food by adding some gravy into their meals, made by lams.

  • Change in Dog Food

Try to add meat over grains in their meals or choose a meat-based dog food. The aroma and taste of meat can definitely change their mind. Adding warm water also enhance the smell of the food.

  • More Activity and Exercise

Sometimes dogs are slightly depressed and get bored with their inactive routine. Try to play with them, give them more attention or go for a long walk with them. Change in routine may restore their old appetite.

  • Take advice from Vet

Have a complete physical checkup from professionals. Sometimes, Vets can figure out something that’s been causing your dog problems for months. So, it is better to take advice from them before things get complicated.

At TAILored Pet Services, our trained dog sitters and dog walkers always keep a check on your Fido’s meal and their timings. We make them feel like home. To know more about our services, please check our Services page. Share your comments and views on Why Dogs Don’t Eat Dog Food down below as well.