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Dog Parent Rights at the Vet

Being a dog owner, we always try to give the best from our side for the well-being of our little furry friend. Before choosing a right Vet, we investigate different reviews on the internet or from our fellow friends. Being a responsible citizen, we are well-known to all our rights. But as a dog owner, most of the parents are not aware of their right at the Veterinarian. In today’s post, we are going to discuss all the basic dog parent rights at the Vet.

Dog Parent Rights at the Vet

  • Get a Tour

Yes! You can ask for the complete tour of the facility. Make a reservation in advance so that you won’t show up in the busy hours or during an emergency. Check the overall cleanliness of the hospital. If your dog is going to have some surgery or needs to be admitted, keep a close eye out for the surgery room. There should be quick arrangements for handling emergency situations and basic medical equipment like gloves, masks, gowns etc.

  • Pet’s Medical Records

Being a responsible pet owner, it’s our prime duty to have copies of all the past medical records. It’s not only beneficial in claiming health insurance but also helps in tracking every single visit you made to the Vet. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has a whole page on their website about the confidentiality and release of veterinary medical records on their website. Be sure to check out your state’s law on veterinary medical records and their confidentiality.

  • Ask About Overnight Care

Your pet is going to have a surgery or will be staying under observation overnight? You need to ask the hospital about leaving hospitalized animals alone overnight. Will they hire someone for an overnight stay or will leave your pet alone overnight? Many hospitals do not have the staff to have someone present during the dark hours. So, you should consult these queries before the surgery.

  • Check Qualifications and Expertise

DVMs and VMDs are the general practitioners of the veterinary world. You will find many veterinarians who handle the whole group of small animals including dogs, cats etc. Choosing a species-specific Vet can be a good choice as such Vets possess specialization and broad experience for a particular species.

  • Right to Switch Vets

Unhappy with the treatment process and the Vet? If you feel that the Veterinarian is not giving the desired treatment or is not giving proper attention, you have the full right to hire another veterinarian for your furry friend. It’s your choice to choose the best you believe for your dog.

Now, You must be aware of all the basic dog parent rights at the Vet. To get in-depth information, go through the brochures given by your Vet thoroughly. In search of a dog walker or a dog sitter? Hire us! At TAILored Pet Services, our professional pet sitters are trained to deliver loving, attentive and compassionate care to furry babies. To know more, visit the Services section.