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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much

The term cat naps didn’t happen for no reason at all. It was coined because cats love to sleep. They really, really love to sleep. At least once in every cat owner’s life we’ve thought, “Wow, how I would love to be you today! Sleep, eat, play, sleep, sleep, bathe, eat.” It’s not a bad gig, right? But, have you ever wondered why exactly do our cats sleep so much? After all, it’s not like they expend that much energy eating, bathing, or playing.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

They are conserving energy

Deeply rooted in their physiology, cats are hardwired to chase and hunt at night. This means that during the day they conserve their energy and that is why cats sleep so much. And even though cats are mainly domesticated now they still have the natural disposition to sleep. That’s why you’ll often see your cat wake up from a nap with bursts of quirky energy, ready to pounce and play.

They always have one eye open

Most cat naps are taken very lightly. When they only doze off for a half hour or less, they aren’t really getting into a deep sleep. Your cat is still ready to spring up at any second if the need arises. When they do sleep deeply, it only tends to last for about five minutes. They will go back and forth between a light doze and a deep sleep until they officially wake up. That means, unlike humans, who optimally deep sleep for a few hours at a time, they are only getting short bursts of deep sleep.

They are crepuscular animals

All felines come from ancestors that were more active during twilight and at some time during the night. They are naturally inclined to be more active during dawn and dusk. Meaning they like to sleep the most during the day and during the middle of the night. During these peak hours, there is more life to experience outside, birds chirp in the morning and crickets chirp at dusk. Plus, their favorite humans get ready for work and come home around the same time. Felines are very social and adaptable, meaning that they have adapted to these rhythms and are more active during these times of the day.

We all love our snoozing felines. And it is always good to know what’s the scoop behind their distinctive behaviors. However, don’t be fooled. Even though cats love to sleep during the day, it doesn’t mean they should go for long periods alone. You still should hire a pet sitter to come and check on them if you are going to be away from home for an extended amount of time. Make sure to contact us if you need any help caring for your sleepy kitty!



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