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Why Do Cats Hate Water?

It’s no secret that cats are not exactly fans of water. Trying to give them a bath can easily result in you being on the wrong end of the claw. Some cats just seem absolutely terrified of being soaked in water. But why do cats hate water? What is it about water that they find so offensive?

Why Do Cats Hate Water?

Cats are independent and take grooming seriously

Felines are undeniably self-reliant. And more than that, they are also religiously cleaning themselves. So, of course they are easily offended by someone coming in and bathing them. Not only are they not in control of what’s happening, to them their afternoons of grooming are going to waste. More than that, they don’t like surprises and like to have everything timed out and planned. Sticking them in a bath is the very opposite of what a cat desires and that is part of the reason they hate water so much.

They are sensitive to sounds and smells

We love the soapy smell of a bath. However, our cats are very sensitive to aromas. They don’t always appreciate lilac and lavender. Plus, the chemicals in the tap water can also affect their olfactory. That’s why some cats even shy away from drinking tap water.

Water irritates their coats

When water drops on a cat’s coat is can be a little irritating. That’s why you see them twitch whenever raindrops fall on their fur. More than that, their coats get really have once they are wet. They aren’t fast and can’t move as usual, which for a cat is a very unwelcome sensation.

The sound of the faucet is a little scary

Our cats have very sensitive ears too. And if you think about it, sometimes just the sound of the faucet can seem like a loud hiss. This is enough to send our cats scrambling away. You may notice that your cat loves the faucet when it is set on a drip and that’s because it’s not threatening. But if you turn it on full blast, they’ll likely head for their closest safe spot.

They have learned water aversion

A lot of times cat owners use water bottles as a means of discipline. We spray them with water to deter them from getting on furniture and counter-tops, so it’s no wonder that they shy away from water. The reason it is an effective deterrent is that as domestic cats evolved from wild cats their experience with water was limited. They actually avoided water to stay away from predators like alligators and crocodiles. That is why cats hate water.

Cats are creatures of comfort and to them, water is not all that comfortable. While you will find a feline or two in the mix that loves a bath or a good shower, but in general they shy away from water. After all, to them it is something that feels strange and is also out of their control. Not to mention they do a pretty good job grooming themselves!

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