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Cat PlayTime: Toys and Games

You might love watching your cat doing those high flying moves and playtime. Cats are very intelligent and highly motivated creatures; therefore, you need to make sure that they are having plenty of space and environment in your house for mental and physical stimulation. Apart from giving resources for the fun-full environment to engage themselves, try to have social and physical interactions with them as well. Generally, cats love interacting with their owner. To further develop the bond, playing with your cat is one such medium for better interaction. Toys and Games act as a great prop for enhancing the playtime.

Interactive PlayTime Toys and Games

Selection of Toys

Cats have natural instincts to stalk and chase prey which is not practically possible for us to provide in our home. So to keep our kitties up and rolling, there’s an alternative by engaging them with toys.

There are different types of toys:

  • Wand Toys

Wand toys are basically a stick made up of wood or plastic with some thin piece of attractive fabric or rubber tied on them. You can also easily engage with your cat without even being scratched by their claws.

  • Ball Toys

Ball Toys are also very effective as it helps your cat in playing chase games with them by mimicking the same movement of scampering prey animals. Always take away the ball toys after the playtime is over as your cat may end up playing by hiding the one.

  • Food Dispensing Toys

These toys are considered the best for the pet parents that don’t have enough time to feed and play with their pets. To avoid free feeding, food dispensing toys slow down the cat’s eating speed and also satisfy cat’s natural instincts to hunt for the food. Many cats have fear or neglect playing with toys, such toys with treat rewards will help in gaining that trust issue between the cat and toy.

  • Catnip Toys

Catnip Toys provide an irresistible aroma to cats who appreciate this herb. Quite safe to ingest, catnip toys can be filled into toys or packed into the balls. Choose an organically grown brand without any additives as these toys are much easier to ingest. You may find many animal shaped catnip toys in the market with an added flavoring of fish, beef, etc to stimulate the curiosity and interest.

Play time is a pleasurable part of the cat’s domestic life. Do you have your own thoughts on PlayTime with your cat? If so, share with us in the comments below. At TAILored Cat Services, our professionally trained cat sitters make sure that your cat is having an efficient playtime period according to their age, physical strength, etc. To learn more about our services, visit our cat sitting page or call us at 425-923-7791.



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