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Cold Weather May Be Harmful To Your Dog

Dogs are naturally active, playful and happy creatures and as such they will wander around your house and property doing doggie stuff. But the cold weather during winter can be challenging for them and, in some cases, harmful too! Mathematically speaking, there is an insurmountable number of possibilities that could snare your canine friend into a sticky situation that they won’t be able to escape from. In order get your furry friend through these frigid months without visiting their veterinarian, you can help prevent them from getting into trouble with some of these doggie-friendly tips and reminders.

Read Directions Before Using Antifreeze or De-Icing Products

Antifreeze has chemicals that are lethal to dogs. If you use it on the garage pavement, clean up immediately with detergent. If they vomit, it could mean they ingested antifreeze so take them immediately to the vet for detoxification. Store harmful products like antifreeze in places where they can’t access it or use locks to prevent the possibility of poisoning.

Protect Your Pet Dog from the Freezing Temperatures

Unlike cats who like to spend time outside; your dog may prefer the warmth inside. Place a dog bed near the fireplace or heater, especially at night. Another way to keep them warm is to give them more food which they’ll use as an energy source.

Watch Out for Frost Bite

Too much exposure to cold temperatures can cause frostbite on your dog’s sensitive parts of their body such as the nose, tip of the tail and ears. To recognize flesh that’s been frostbitten, observe if it turns reddish for a few minutes, then turns to gray after several hours. To treat it, just give your dog a warm bath and when done, keep them under warm blankets but do not rub the affected areas as this will cause more injury.

At Tailored Pet Services, your dog’s safety during cold weather is our first priority. When temperatures drop below freezing, we’ll complete the following tasks to keep Fido safe: (1) limit his time outside, (2) put on coat and/or booties before venturing out (if provided) and (3) clean the snow and ice from your dog’s paws with a warm wash cloth or towel. To learn more about our dog walking services, contact us at 425-923-7791.