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Adopting a Cat

Congratulations! You have finally decided to adopt a new furry member in your family. Bringing a cat or a kitten home can be an awesome source of joy and companionship. Before making the commitment, every parent should be aware that your feline companion comes with responsibility baggage. To ease integration into your home, there are certain important preparations and things to understand that we are going to discuss in today’s post.

Things to Do Before Adopting a Cat

Basic Supplies Preparation

After deciding first, prepare the list of all supplies to welcome your cat home by making sure you have these items on hand. The initial step goes exactly the same as it does for newborn babies. You will need these supplies:

  • Food Bowl
  • Water bowl
  • Cat Food (high-quality food only after consulting with the Vet.)
  • Collar with ID tag (as security should always be the first priority)
  • Cat Bed
  • Litter Box


  • Mould your Lifestyle

Cats don’t like to be alone for too long. You have to make a few commitments as a pet parent and also have to make changes in your daily life cycle involving travel habits, social life, work obligations etc. If you are living alone, you need to have someone to watch your furry companion in your absence.

  • Make the Choices

Before cat adoption, first of all you need to ask yourself whether you will adopt a full grown-up cat or a kitten. Adult cats are easier to adopt as they require quite less attention than a young kitten. If you are having other household pets as well, never adopt a cat without matchmaking assistance as every cat will not be pet-friendly or child-friendly. You may also adopt a pair of cats or siblings as they will be already a well-bonded pair, will require less attention and will be great playmates as well.

  • Cat-Proof your home

Owning a newborn kitty or rescue cat may seem pretty basic but there are certain cat proofing tips that are helpful to know for the people who’ve never had a cat before. They may seem small and all-time lazy but these powerhouses can make plenty of mischief under your absence. Put away chemicals, medications, fragile items, poisonous plants etc before inaugurating the new member.

A sudden change in your nearby environment all at once can be very stressful. To roll your life as smoothly as possible, hire a cat sitter. Hire us! At TAILored Cat Services, our professional cat walkers and cat sitters are experienced in helping your new feline member to be comfortable at a new place. To learn more about our cat sitting services, call us at 425-923-7791.



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